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Help! Dog chewed USB cable

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by stephg, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Grrrrr...My dog just chewed on the USB cable that came with my iPad. It still plugs in but doesn't show it charging. I plugged it into my iPhone 3GS cable which is plugged into my computer and it does show it's charging. Will this do any damage to the iPad until I can get a new one? Also are there any cheaper alternatives? The apple one is $29. TIA!
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    I'd chew the dog and buy a cable on Ebay. Although, the 3GS cable is just as good. The only thing is to make sure that the device can charge the iPad.
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    yep..ebay will get ya there for only a few bucks.
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    I believe that the Apple cable is $19.99 but for an extra $10.00 you can get it with a charger.
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    Thanks so much! I had forgotten about monoprice.com. I just ordered two 6 ft. cables since they were so cheap (just in case she does it again). Although with the longer cable I will be able to run it behind my desk, and she probably won't be able to get to it again.
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    Yeah I ordered 4 6-footers on Saturday. Got them yesterday. Awesome!
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    Limit 6 per customer. :)
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    Why give a price for a quantity of 50+ then? Very confusing.

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    idk but most of the ones on ebay come with free shipping, it may take a little while longer but its free
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    I don't know what the cable prices are on ebay, but the shipping was cheap through monoprice. Weird that they have a limit, though. Probably to keep people from reselling on eBay!
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    It will not do any damage. The USB cable for the iPad and 3GS (as well as any other ipod USB cable) are identical. They all use the usb 5V line to charge.
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    Yeah, Monoprice, Dealextreme, and Budgetgadets.com all have phenomenal prices for these kinds of apple accessories. I keep spares at work and home so I don't have to carry the cables and adapters around.
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    Just a FYI I have 3 of these mono price cables they will show your iPad charging but it will take forever. Like twice as long.
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    Interesting...well, worst case scenario, I will order from Apple and have a couple backup cables! I usually just plug in the iPad overnight, so I'll see if it charges fully doing that. Thanks.

    Also, I'm wondering if it makes a difference if I plug the replacement cable into the wall charger instead of the computer? That's how I usually charge the iPad.
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    Huh? Your dog chewed the USB cable not the charger itself? Just plug another USB cable from ANY device and call it a day. It's a USB cable not a magical cable. Each USB cable is the same anyways. You can use your iPhone charger even but it will just overheat eventually. Using an iPhone chargers on an iPad is not recommended, using an iPad charger on an iphone is perfectly fine, because it can handle that amount of watts and more. But USB cables don't matter

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    Have you never seen an iPad/iPhone/iPod USB cable?
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    I agree, but a 6' cable I recently bought is not charging my wife's iPad, and my own iPhone 3G that I left connected to my MBP overnight did not charge when connected via a 2' cable purchased at the same time, nor does it charge via a 2' cable + car-charger also purchased as part of that batch. I have no doubt that Monoprice will make it right--their service is terrific--but I may be experiencing a "You Get What You Pay For" moment here.

    Meanwhile, to the OP, may I suggest for his doggie:

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    Well, it's the USB sync cable, so not just a plain USB cable.
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    Update on mono price cable

    I just wanted to post back with an update on the monoprice cable for my iPad. I got it yesterday and tried it first plugged into my iMac. It showed the iPad as charging. Last night I plugged into the wall charger and it showed my iPad as charging and it was fully charged this morning, so it seems to work just fine. To the PP who said the monoprice cable didn't charge their devices, you must have a defective cable, so you should be able to get a replacement. You sure can't beat the price!

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