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Help Draft Clark

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by DakotaGuy, Jul 20, 2003.

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    As a Democrat I am not very impressed with the current crop of people that are running for the nomination. I don't think any have what it takes to beat Bush in November 2004. Democrats are percieved to be weak on defense. I would like to have a real alternative to vote for. Someone who is a moderate on social issues, someone who understands foreign relations and affairs, someone who is the type of person we can all be proud of. No matter if you are Republican or Democrat this is a man that is respected and can be trusted. He is well educated and understands domestic and foreign affairs. Please visit this site if you would like to help draft retired 4 star General Wesley Clark...u can visit this link...thousands have sign on to this cause....

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    Re: Help Draft Clark

    If he wins the nomination, I'll work for his election. Right now I'd rather have Kerry or Dean. Good luck, I say the more views represented in the primaries the better.:)
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    So far I like Dean, but I'll read up on the Clark fellow.

    Until he decides to run though, I'll put my support behind real candidates.
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    I say bring on Joe Liberman. He's a good choice. I have no idea what Gen. Clark stands for except that he was a Rhodes scholar, a top general and showed up on TV a lot. To be the head of NATO, however, you have to be a top notch guy and a good leader, so he should be able to do a good job. If he will continue and even improve the war on terrorism, bring him on. It would be good to have two decent choices in the general election. Prediction: Dean = Flash in the pan, won't win nomination.

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