HELP :G5 Maintenance Recommendations

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Aerosyn-Lex, Aug 10, 2004.

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    System : G5 Dual 2 Ghz . 2 GB RAM


    I'd like to ask for a bit of advice regarding how best to maintain
    system performance...

    which tasks and application can i run in order to keep my system
    crisp and clean, free of fragmentation and running smooth?

    i.e Permissions or Preference Management

    any tips and recommendations
    on what some of you POWER USERS
    do to keep your systems running top notch
    would be greatly appreciated.



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    check this thread for all the info you'll need ;) in it people talk about most if not all of the available options.

    EDIT: damn typos! wrote it in a flash and my hands betrayed me!
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    Repair permissions once in a while (maybe once a month).

    Install a script called Xjanitor. OS X runs some maintenance scripts left over from Unix (a daily, a monthly, and a weekly) at night when most computers are asleep. If these aren't run, some logs can start to pile up. This script replaces those in a file which commands what a daemon, cron, runs. It will check, when run, when the last time each maintenance script was run. If necessary it will execute them. You can set it to run every hour at a certain minute.

    Every now and then, clear the caches. To do this, open '/Library/caches' and '~/Library/caches' and delete everything in these two folders. You may wish to restart after doing this.
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    I recommend repairing permissions after installing anything, and using a cron replacement like Anacron if your computer isn't on 24/7. Macaroni and similar utilities do the same thing Anacron does, and offer some additional maintenance options.
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    ..requiring an admin password.
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    ...especially if it uses Apple's Installer.
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    ...damn skippy!

    And [Double-Secret-]ESPECIALLY if it's a printer driver installer from Lexmark or HP.
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    thanks to all for your solid advice . .

    i think my Mac will be well take care of . .


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    Agreed there. HP driver install programs mess up lots of permissions. I've never used a Lexmark printer/drivers.
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    Also, you can run the OS matinance scripts by hand if you need to without any 3rd party applications.. In Terminal:

    sudo periodic daily
    Will run /etc/daily. If you wanted to run all 3 at once, just add the scripts as arguments to the end:

    sudo periodic daily weekly monthly
    Will run /etc/daily, /etc/weekly, & /etc/monthly. Naturally, any combonation of scripts will work just fine, say, if you only wanted to run weekly and monthly.

    Hope this makes sense!
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    Please let us know what software you decide to use? Now you can see the advantage of belonging to MacRumors.
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    did we mention that you can never leave :eek:

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