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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by petestein1, Feb 10, 2008.

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    I'm hoping someone here can help me fix an amateur mistake.

    I used Remote Disc to install Office 2008 from my Windows desktop (which went quickly and smoothly by the way -- remote disc is a fine solution for the occasional install).

    When i was done I, for no logical reason, dragged the "remote Disc" icon from the "Devices" section of the Finder into the trash.

    It, of course, disappeared from the Finder.

    Immediately realizing my mistake I checked the trash. It's not there.

    I rebooted. It didn't come back.

    I suppose I could reinstall Leopard from scratch... but I can't use Remote Disc to do so. Doh!

    Any ideas for this recent Mac convert who's loving his MBA?
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    You just need to drag it back to the Finder sidebar again. Click on your computer if it's showing in the sidebar, otherwise open your HD in Finder and then option-click the HD name (probably Macintosh HD) in the Finder title bar to go to your computer. All of the drives will be shown there. Just drag the remote disc back to the sidebar from there.

    If you have your settings to show drives on your desktop, it might also appear there and you can drag it from there to the Finder sidebar.
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    Overanalyzer, thanks for the quick reply but your directions didn't work.

    I did find Remote Disc again by doing the following:

    1. Open Finder
    2. Control-click on the hard drive icon in the left pane (option click didn't work)
    3. Select "open enclosing folder" from the menu that opens.

    I now see Remote Disc showing up but it won't allow me to drag it to the Devices section of the sidebar.

    I suppose now that I have access to it I could reinstall Leopard but since I haven't set up Time Machine yet I'd rather avoid that.

    Any other ideas?
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    Perhaps the behavior for the Remote Disc is different than other drives. I don't have an MBA so I can't test it. Is there a setting in Finder Preferences > Sidebar for showing the Remote Disc under devices? If so, make sure it's checked.
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    That's it!

    I opened Finder preferences and in the "Show these items in the sidebar" section there's a series of checkboxes for what you want to show.... I had to check "CDs, DVDs, and iPods". Once checked Remote Disc popped back up.

    Odd that the remote Disc drive is considered a CD instead of a Shared drive or an external disk or some such but whatever, it's fixed.

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    I guess it's not that odd when you think about it. The Remote Disc is intended to be an optical drive, and I'd guess it's probably mounted locally as an optical drive with the Remote Disc software dealing with the networking piece so the OS and software don't know the difference. In any event, glad it's fixed!

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