Help!! I need help retrieving files from my MBA with cracked LCD

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by sublimetyme, Feb 4, 2010.

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    I dropped my Macbook Air and cracked the LCD. I cannot see anything. How can I access the data/files on the MBA from my iMac. The MBA is not set up as discoverable.

    Is there a way to plug the MBA into the iMac? Can I access the files remotely from my iMac?
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    Plug it into an external display (you may have to purchase a mini-DVI or mini-DisplayPort adapter).
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    Can you view it over the network? if so you could view it like that.
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    If you have the Ethernet adaptor you can connect it that way, also.
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    Or boot into disk target mode (hold down T while starting up). Plug firewire into another computer.
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    MacBook Air = No FireWire :)
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    You could try using voiceover, helped me out loads when my graphics card went and the logic board needed needed replacing - keyboard shortcuts

    and then activate screen sharing with the iMac or something?

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