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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by GAR305, Apr 27, 2010.

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    My icons are messed up and look all rainbow colored as well as my buttons in the preferences menu and where there is supposed to be brushed metal tones its been replaced by rainbow static like color. Thats as best as I can explain it. Anyone have any tips?

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    Can you make a screenshot via CMD+SHIFT+4 and attach it to your next post?

    Did a restart help?
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    Screen Shot Of Problem

    Here is the screen shot of the problem. Thanks.

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    So did a restart work?

    Or using another account?

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    Looks like a dying video card.
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    no help with the restart or logging in with different account

    No help either with logging in under a different account or with restarting.
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    The fact that it was captured by a screen grab means that the artifacts are in the frame buffer/vram. Odds are they got there due to malfunctioning graphics card.

    Boot from install media and see if there is any corruption while in the installer. Go into diskutility or something from the installer to have access to more testing drop down menus and the like. If you see NO corruption on the installer disk, you could try doing an erase and install or installing to another hard driver.

    Otherwise, what machine is this, and is it covered by applecare?
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    Thanks for all the suggestions

    I have a Macbook Air. Got it back in Dec. Its covered by applecare. Its my first mac so unfortunately all of what you wrote about checking for corruption and such goes over my head. I tried attaching a screen shot of the icons with more or less the same problem but mozilla crashed. Mozilla and Word have both been crashing whenever I attempt to access a file from my downloads folder. Dont know if thats related. Think I need to take this in?
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    Will not fix it. These tricks relate to very specific problems and amount to voodoo otherwise. There are very few things that this will fix.

    Well this actually narrows down your troubleshooting a bit, the laptops with shared VRAM sometimes just need to replace RAM, but in your case the RAM is soldered to the main logic board. They will need to replace it.

    You can either take it to an Apple Store or call applecare and request to ship it in to depot, whichever is more convenient to you.

    PS given that you are experiencing other system wide instability, you could download a program called Rember and have it do a test of your RAM. It will do 1 of 3 things. Pass, meaning your video chipset is bad.
    Crash the program or report an error, meaning your RAM is bad. Either way you need a new MLB.
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    Thank you.

    Thanks a lot. I'll be taking it in and see what they say.

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