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HELP - iMac G5 replacement HDD?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by slynger, Mar 1, 2010.

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    i have an older 20" G5 iMac and the hard drive crapped out. Can anyone recommend a good HD to stick in there while I wait for Mac to update the line again before I get a new one.

    Also, do they have to be a certain size in order to fit into the chassis of the iMac, or will a regular HD work?
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    nobody has any simple suggestions - all I need is a couple - please help, I can't keep going without my computer :(
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    G5 iMac uses SATA HDs which are the most common ones so any 3.5" SATA HD will work though I've heard that there might be a capacity limit but if you're OK with e.g. 320GB, that's not going to affect.

    I like Western Digital and have never had problems with them. I've built dozens of PCs with this HD, no issues and fair price
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    thanks, I wasn't sure if there was a size limit or not.

    curious if this is indeed the problem if my disk utility (running from the DVD) said that there are bad sectors and the disk can't be fixed. Sure sounds like it to me, curious what you guys think??
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    Sounds true to me. HDs are quite cheap nowadays but of course if you had something important in there, it's very likely gone.
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    if you have a pc lying around somewhere ,just a pc of some sort will just do ,dont worry about usb 1 or 2 , install linux on it and hang on this faulty drive to it via usb , if it doesnt mount from itself force it with some of the commands (if you dont know all of the commands you can search them on google )
    it might not work ,but i have rescued that way some data from broken drives, which osx and windows could not read any more
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    thanks for the tips -I'm just gonna get a 320 GB drive and hope that fixes the problem - we shall see.

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