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Help in recognising tool which designed this presentation/video?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by kokolo, May 17, 2012.

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    Hi, any help is appreciated.
    Although I am PC user most of the time, I hope MAC :apple: design gurus can be more helpful than PC gurus :)

    So,what software was used to create this presentation/video? Any recommendations? :confused:


    Can Microsoft Office Powerpoint make that I wonder.:confused:

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    This was more than likely After Effects.


    Thinking creatively, if you were REALLY dedicated and good at PowerPoint, you could potentially make something similar with a ton of animations and slide transitions, but I seriously doubt that it was made like that. It would require a lot of outside graphic creation in Photoshop as well.

    It could have also potentially been done in Apple Motion or a number of less standard motion graphics programs.

    Not to mention PowerPoint would have crashed 50 times trying to make something that complex.
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    After Effects or Motion and a lot of Photoshop to prepare the images. No way this could be done in PowerPoint, it's not that sophisticated (I'm a professional motion graphics/presentation designer, btw). Even if you could get close in Powerpoint, it would take ten times the amount of time and this would already take a lot of time in a real motion graphics program.

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