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Help: iTunes 7.7 and Touch

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Sirus2400, Jul 10, 2008.

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    So I just downloaded iTunes 7.7 and now when I attach my iPod Touch, all I get is the rainbow wheel. If I power down or disconnect my iPod it stops. I had my iPod plugged in earlier (before the iTunes upgrade) and it worked fine. Any help?
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    Same. I gave it a few minutes, it 'un-crashed' and has been fine since.
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    I reset my iPod and eventually iTunes recognized it, however it takes a couple minutes. Before the 7.7 update it took about 30sec. at the most.
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    Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in? Is yours taking a few mins too? (I have a 2 week old MBP so its definitely not that)
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    All is normal a little under 1 minute of plugging it in. If this is a problem for many, Apple will fix it in a matter of days I'm sure.
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    Just a heads up say I'm experiencing the same behaviour with my 160gb classic and iTunes 7.7. Plugging it in causes iTunes to freeze and beachball for about 3-4 minutes, after which everything's normal. Unfortunately, the same thing happens every time I connect the iPod. All was good before the update to 7.7 - with the iPod connecting properly in about 10-seconds.
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    Same for me: It takes about 5 minutes to show up in iTunes.
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    My iPod touch syncs like normal. I haven't noticed any abnormal behavior.
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    I too have about a minute delay with the iPod Touch. I can't wait for it to be taken care of.
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    I have the same problem on my desktop, but my touch is instantly recognized on my laptop. Both running 7.7.
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    It appears to be an issue of how big your Music Library is. This is what I've found.

    iTunes Music Library Empty and iPod Library Full: iPod connects instantly.
    iTunes Music Library Full and iPod Library Empty: iPod connects instantly.
    iTunes Music Library Full and iPod Library Full: iPod hangs for several minutes.

    My "full" music library is 7,000 songs on my computer and my iPod "full" music library is 3,000 songs.

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