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Help me remeber an old game

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Jasonbot, May 24, 2007.

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    This game was, i think, based on the Doom engine since it played kinda similar but the one main difference is that You could get magic spells or something, there were mana vials that you could pick up and so forth.
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    Heretic? Hexen? Was it an Id game?
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    Heretic probably. Anyways, how do I get a doom engine on my mac and how do I get doom based games for it?
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    AFAIK, they only made Heretic/Hexen for PC (but I didn't have a Mac back then, so I could be very very wrong).

    You'd need a virtual machine running Windows to play...and AFAIK you can't get just the Doom engine, you'd have to get either Heretic or Hexen (which would include the Doom engine) as a standalone game.
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    I recently (20mins ago) came across this site: http://www.doomsdayhq.com/ That seems to have a doom engine for heretic and such But IDK how to use it, any takers?
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    The game was for mac and pc originally. And the way you use doomsday is you load in the wad game files and doomsday engine will use them to play the game. You can use the shareware versions of the wad files i believe but that was with only 5 min of looking over the site. Personally I have a dedicated 9600 for these types of things ;)

    some links for you:

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    Thanks, you guys are so helpful! I'm so glad Ill be able to play doom on mac now, I'm excited. Cant wait! WOW!!1
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    Wrong on every possible count. ;) Just run Doomsday...read the docs, it should take 30 seconds to figure out.... (Though the version I tried had a bug where it wouldn't display your inventory properly. If they haven't fixed it, it's not a big deal anyway.)

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    One last thing (hopefully). Can I only run Doom, Heretic and whatever in the Doomsday Engine? WHat If I want to play Wolfenstein Duke Nukem and others?
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    Yep. Just the three games that use the Doom engine. Hence the name.

    Don't know about Wolfenstein. There's an OS X port of the Duke Nukem engine...a Google search will probably turn it up.

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    Oddly enough the only thing I remember from that game was those Minotaur's that you could summon to fight for you. Was a pretty fun game while it lasted.

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