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Help Me with the imac G4

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by aaron.lee2006, Jan 6, 2007.

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    I have been recently looking for a desktop a cheap mac just to do everyday stuff. And maybe a little audio editing. Which I already know it can run the software.

    I can probably get an iMac G4 700/384 megs/40 gb/Combo Drive/OSX 10.4 for 300 - 340 Canadian dollars.

    Should I grab it? Or find a cheaper one?

    I need to know now :D Thanks

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    what size screen?
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    And Dv Warehouse has it for 395 US with less ram. I think this is a decent deal.

    Do you?

    I need to know within the hour if this is a good deal! Please reply :)


    PS I didn't mean to bump!
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    300 Can$? Go for it.
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    Yup 300 can plus like 20 bucks UPS ground!

    Will 700 mhz still be okay?
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    For everyday stuff yes. You may need to add some RAM for the audio editing, but memory isn't expensive.
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    I agree and things like older games like Call of Duty 1 it says it requires 733 mhz but with the little extra ram it might run.. correct? Oh and are PC's ad macs built way differently? Like will it run OSX nicely?

    And I checked the adobe system requirements for creative suite 2 and it meets the requirements.

    Thanks for your help!
    So I might buy it :)
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    G4s will all run Tiger quite happily providing you give them enough RAM. PCs and Macs use much of the same components, but on the Mac you don't have to cripple your CPU with anti-virus etc. So older Macs are still very usable whereas older PCs are ridiculously slow to use in comparison.
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    Thanks very much I have a MacBook Pro but I want a cool looking desktop :p and something I can work on when I come home and I hate the idea of external keyboard, mouse and display.
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    I have that very iMac and it runs Tiger pretty good. I put a new 7200 hard drive in it with 512 mb ram. I don't know how it would do for games but for everything else it runs good. Remember that these take pc133 ram so it is not exactly cheep to upgrade the ram. One stick is desktop ram and the other is laptop memory.

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