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help! mic on ibook not working! :(

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by dscan99, Jan 3, 2007.

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    I'm helping my mom troubleshoot this problem so please bear with me...

    we tried to skype yday and it turns out the built-in mic on her 12"iBook is not working. I barely hear some faint static, but for the most part it was dead. I had her go to System Pref->Sound and test the mic and the mic level was not moving when she spoke. Does this mean the mic is dead?? or am I missing something? Is there a USB mic available that she can use?

    Please help!!!!
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    I don't remember exactly, but is there an option where you can change the input volume for the microphone?
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    Go back into the Sound preference pane and click on the Input tab. There'll be an option to lower or raise the microphone input volume. See if that helps.
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    I'm pretty sure she looked into this yday and she said the input volume was in the middle.....i.e not mute. so that's not the problem.......
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    I'd still make sure. And always try a restart. I hope that you've at least done that.

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