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HELP! My PB 12" G4 is Dyeing?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacEffects, May 12, 2005.

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    Hello All!
    My PowerBook G4 (12/1.33/256/etc) just got about half a year ago or less, is dieing. I knew the HD made some wired nosies when the computer was moved, so I knew the HD might be going, and recently it is giving trouble and now has STOPED booting up... I thought it was an HD problem but It boots in to FirmWare with the message "Invalid Memory Access at %SRR0 0000000 %SRR1 0003030" and I am not sure if the Ram is built-in to the mother board, if so I may be in big trouble as it has AppleCare but I don't think it would cover this (all the problems) plus from constent day to day use (about 5-10 hours a day) the keyboard is missing keys {Long story behind them), I am sort of addicted to my PowerBook (Yes- I am a big nerd) and can not 'understand' my PowerBook is not working, as some of you guessed I don't have much of a social life :( ... I would have got this in to Apple Sooner but I could not live with out my PB for more then a few days... Also another problem I have noticed was that my Powerbook where the AC plugs in has a minor loose connection (Again constant use), as I am always on the go with this, not a big problem but thought I should mention it... If anyone can help or make ANY Suggestions please help me out.

    Thanks So Much!
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    Take it in. It is dead now so being without it won't be any more of an issue. Also if it is memory or even HD related, the warranty should cover that. The only things that would void it would be damage or abuse and if your missing keys don't show that anything has gone that way, or your computer has been dropped, you should be in good shape. What have you got to lose? Keep in mind, you will probably want to buy AppleCare before your one year runs up.
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    Thanks for the advice, I will try to get in the the Nearest Service provider (53 miles), I did just get in a external HD to backup my HD and I was getting ready to back it up, when it froze and I restarted and it will not start since then, just get either the Firmware or the blinking '?' and this is not good.

    Can I get the Data off my drive? If I can not I am in BIG TROUBLE (My life is on it:) ) , well that and many important files, right now I am useing a borrowed PowerBook Pismo, and I have it for 2 days so I should be alright for now.

    Any more advice?
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    Yes you can in some cases, but it comes at a high cost. Companies like Kroll Ontrack can retrieve data from damaged disks in some cases, but the cost is quite expensive.

    Your best bet to avoid this (I know you know this) is to back up to an other system or disk, and back up often.
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    More BAD News, I had Disk Warrior and the HardWare Test software Apple gave, and both give errors "FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF" and it says you need to restart your computer with the Power Button famous grey screen... What should I do? Should I try me self to take out the ram? I have a day until I can get it in and I would like to at the very least get my data off it.

    Please let me know.
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    If you have another mac handy with FireWire, boot the PB in target disk mode and try to back everything up that way. You can also buy a laptop hard drive to IDE hard drive adapter such as this one which would allow you to connect your PB's HDD to a desktop mac to transfer the files. There's even one model that you can connect to a USB port instead to transfer files.

    Remember, Google is your friend.

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