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Help on 3rd Party USB Wireless Network Adapter

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by shchin2002, Aug 22, 2004.

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    Did anybody know which 3rd Party USB Wireless Network Adapter can be using on the powerbook 12" or ibook 14 " series and easy finding in the market ?
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    I'm pretty sure the belkin ones are compatable.
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    D-Link make the DWL-122 which is 802.11b and Mac compatible, they also make some 802.11g models that may be Mac compatible.
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    This is only pseudo mac compatible I've found. If you're running any updates past 10.3.2 they don't support them and for me it constantly locks up my 12" iBook G4.
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    Are you absolutley stuck on USB versions. ethernet versions are OS independent and require no drivers. they are a bit more expensive, but from what I've seen from other people's comments, the ethernet ones are much more reliable. I ahve a linksys WET11 and its been great.
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    Why not get the internal Airport card?

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