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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Austinw88, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Ok, I have a powerbook g3 (firewire) I just got from a friend and its not working. The battery is charged because I bought a new charger for it and the light shows full charge. It comes on and you can hear the harddrive kick on the num locks lights up along with the caps lock button but there is no picture at all. I tried pluging it in to another monitor but still nothing. Can anyone help me?
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    Does it have OS X or OS 9? If you have either, you could take it from another computer and try booting from that on a flash drive. I only tried it on OS 9, though. If that works, then obviously the hard drive is the only problem.
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    I'm not sure witch it has on it, the stickers dont say...
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    It could be a dead PRAM battery. Try disconnecting it.
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    I thought about that, But sense i'm new to apples I dont know where its located on them and I didnt want to break to far into it without knowing the location.
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    It's pretty easy to disconnect the PRAM battery, see the iFixIt site.

    Looks like from step 3 you could just straight to step 8. A couple of minutes of work will see if the problem is that.
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    Well that's easy thanks will found out soon if that's it...
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    I tried the pram battery, still nothing... I dont know what to do with this thing.
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    No luck on fixing the computer, Can someone tell me what it might be worth not working?

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