HELP Powerbook won't stay awake

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by dummptyhummpty, Nov 17, 2005.

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    In regards to my last post I called apple because my powerbook kept sleeping randomly. I would have it plugged in fully charged and it would just sleep while I was using it. We did all sorts of tests and resetting this and that and it was working fine. I thought maybe Application Enhancer was causing the problem. So all of a sudden it starts acting up today and it got so bad that it would sleep every 3 seconds or so. I finally pulled the battery and the power cord and it seems to be ok now. What can I do, I can't take this and I need to use this computer! Thanks!
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    mad jew

    What did you reset? Did you reset the PMU?
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    The PMU, Disabled all my start up programs, ran the disk checker from the Tiger CD, disabled sleep, airport, bluetooth. It was fine for a week and all of a sudden it started acting up today. Oh I even re-calibrated the battery.
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    mad jew


    Is it the entire computer or just the display that's sleeping?

    So, how's it getting its power? A different battery or adaptor or something?

    Talk to Apple again? This is sounding pretty bad, sorry I can't be very helpful. :eek:
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    The whole computer. Like every thing stops and the little sleep light comes on.

    I reconnected everything. I just did that to turn it off.

    I guess. I'll call them tomorrow.
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    There's a switch by the display latch button that tells the PB to sleep when you close the lid. It's possible (probable?) that this is malfunctioning. Also, make a backup and reinstall Tiger, just to rule out (or fix ;)) any software issue.
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    Well I have it plugged into an external monitor so it is always closed. Do I have to erase all my programs to reinstall tiger or what? How do I do this?
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    You can do a archive and install using the OSX dvds that came with your machine.
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    Thanks I called apple again and we reset the NVRAM and something else ram related. Hopefully that works. He said if it doesn't I need to archive and install.
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    By any chance, did you spill NyQuil into it?
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    Will Cheyney


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