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Help! Problem with Messages. One contact sends to multiple devices?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by VideoNewbie, Jul 28, 2012.

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    my cousin and her boyfriend share an itunes account.

    they each have an iphone ,different numbers but same apple account.

    my cousin also has an ipad under the same account.

    when i try and send messages to my cousin using her email (which i thought goes directly to the ipad) it not only goes to the ipad but it goes to BOTH their phones as well.

    i thought emails are only for ipads? and phone numbers are only for iphones

    how do i set it so that messages sent to the ipad are only on the ipad? or is it just made so that any time you send a message to an email all associated idevices with the account receive the same message?
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    they need to actually log OUT of the apple id on their iPhones so only their phone number will be used

    iphone > settings > messages > log out of the apple id
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    Solution A: your cousin's boyfriend disables iMessage completely;
    Solution B: your cousin's boyfriend removes your cousin's e-mail address from the "receive messages sent to" setting, and your cousin does the same thing from her phone if she only wants those texts to arrive to her iPad.
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    you shouldn't share Apple IDs like that.

    Have them just share Apple IDs in the store, so they can share apps, but you can set up your phone to run a different Apple ID for iCloud and iMessages... then keep a matching one for the store for purchases.

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