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Help Stolen Powerbook!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by plunar, Dec 1, 2006.

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    Okay so some scumbag ripped off my wife's Powerbook G4 from her checked baggage on a flight from philly to boston.

    Is there anyway to track this.... i have auto syncing and itunes registered on the machine, so i would think that every time time that thing gets net access it's calling up apple's isync database. which means apple can theoretically track it.

    if not that, is it possible to email a virus to myself that will wipe the hard drive? can i hire someone to do this for me?
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    Macs DON'T get viruses. So no.
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    definetly let apple know. somewhere i heard that with the serial number, if its ever brought in for service, they will hold onto it. and then let you know
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    if i were the guy, i would reinstall system first.
    Its hard for apple to do so, since that act might cause them trouble of invading user's privacy. You can always call apple to find out tho.
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    first bad move was putting it in your check in luggage! always carry that stuff on board. Or could she not cuz of the stupid airline rules? Anyway, the best you can do is call the police and tell apple about it.
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    Have you tried calling the airline about this? I would think they have some kind of protocol for this sort of thing. Curious, which airline was it?
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    Sorry it happened but -- they xray all the luggage so it is very easy for inside theives to rip off passengers like that. I heard it happens all the time --

    personally I'd never do that -- in fact, I clung to my powerbook for dear life on the plane. Laptops are for airplanes anyway! Good luck and i'd raise holy hell with the airlines. They have video you know.
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    Definitely contact the police. And your airline. There's no guarantee that they'll be able to help, but they should know about it nevertheless.

    Sorry to say it, but I doubt you'll ever see your PowerBook again. :( Just remember to never pack your valuables in checked baggage again.
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    the airline is worthless. they have no idea where bag got lost. the bag stood out, it was my apple campus rep bag. i never imagine she would've checked the damn thing, but the airline didn't let her take it because she had moisturizer. the choice was chuck the moisturizer or check the bag, and my wife being wife....

    I am pissed not over the loss - i have property insurance on top of the credit card insurance - but because i had financial records and passwords on the damn thing. of course i have back ups, but anyone can just open up my keychain and access my citibank or etrade accounts. that's ********.

    the airline was airtran, which, btw, does not cover against lost laptops in baggage. or cameras, jewelery, mp3 players, "electronic devices" or basically anything but clothes. bitches.
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    Well, you might want to call your bank and change your etrade account passwords NOW!!!

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