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HELP the Mountain Lion !!!!!

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by johannestietze, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Hi Guys,
    since I installed ML on my iMac 2011 I have following issues:
    1 Start up time endless....
    2.Shut down time endless.....
    3.hot corners stop responding after a while....
    4.two finger swipe between pages not working after a while.....
    5.Cannot mount NTFS 3G formatted external HDD anymore (worked on SL flawlessly!)
    am pretty disappointed about this APPLE 'STEP FORWARD'.....!!!

    any help appreciated.....


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    Did you do an upgrade or a clean install?
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    I'm not trying to be smart, but if your startup time is 'endless', how would you know any of the other stuff on your list? Do you mean to say 'it's a lot slower than it was' or 'it takes 3 minutes to boot now'?

    Don't forget, when you have a new installation, OS X indexes your entire drive for later use. It can take a while and really bogs down the system. Try everything again tonight and see if it's better.

    Also, because you didn't mention it . . . did you do a clean install, or just install over Snow Leopard? My personal experience has been that clean installs work much, much better.
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    Back up your data, format your drive, and do a clean install if you haven't. I had a lot more issues after attempting to install over 10.7.4.
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    Up graded from Sl To Lion then to Mountain Lion........
    clean install means erase the HDD ? and install from USB thumb drive....?
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    Do a clean install.
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    A clean install should work fine. Am just wondering if it fix the battery drained problem in ML as well.
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    did a clean install now, but had big trouble installing my data from time machine, took me 3 days now to get everything up and running......
    but I think its done now.......
    any idea what to do with iPhoto? as I can not reinstall my photos.........
    luckily I had a back up on a separate disk.....
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    Well, that depends on what you mean when you mention Time Machine. If you restored your system from a Time Machine backup, that is not a clean install, since your settings and any potentially negative 'lurkers' on your old system will just carry over to your new one.

    I did a clean install, and then went into my Time Machine backups to pull folders over myself. It took a long time to get my system back up, especially due to a ridiculously slow internet connection (not much better than dial up).

    As for your iPhoto, you should be able to open iPhoto, then import your old iPhoto Database, located in your Time Machine backup under users/pictures/iPhoto. That's what I did, and all 20GB of pics copied over just fine.

    Yeah, it took me two weeks to 'finish' setting up my MBP with Mountain Lion after my clean install. I had to download iPhoto/iMovie/GarageBand (about 8GB), XCode and documentation (about 4GB), my Steam library (about 50GB), Starcraft II (about 7GB), all told about 70GB worth of stuff over a connection that averaged 50KB/sec. Yuk.
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    Ugh... That's definitely not worth a "clean install" vs an upgrade installation.
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    No, the thing runs great, but I definitely need more RAM.
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    I didn't do a clean installation, but my MBP runs great. I guess I just got lucky when I installed the OS:cool:

    In your case though OP, I guess having to do a clean install would be the best. I went straight from Lion instead of SL to ML. Maybe that's a factor in upgrading OS?
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    I also did an upgrade. My MBP runs great. Better than it did under Lion. No issues except for the flickering cursor when using CMD-Shift-4.
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    ****** Mountain Lion

    I did everything,
    machine worked fine for a few days..now it hangs up occasionally...becomes very slow...
    I wish I had never done this ML installation...want my Snow Leopard back !!!!

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