Help!! Trying to share internet from pc to mac osx 10.4.11

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Antonius, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Hi Fellow ppc users :)

    I've been trying to connect my pc with win 7 to my MDD with 10.4.11
    I'm doing this via ethernet cable, ive turned on wifi sharing on my pc and turned on internet sharing on 10.4.11 but on my pc it says no internet access.
    I've looked on youtube and googled for help and have tryed many things but still no internet on my mac :( any help with this problem would be very welcome.
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    Your subject line for your thread suggest that your PC is the computer that has internet access and that you are trying to share that access to your Mac. This line above indicates the opposite.

    If you are trying to get the PC to share internet why would you turn Internet Sharing on on the Mac? If the PC is sharing via WiFi why are you trying to connect the Mac to the PC via Ethernet cable?

    Unless you are trying to share Internet from the Mac (which is connected to the internet) to the PC? Which, again, would be the opposite of what your subject states.

    Can you maybe rephrase the question?
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    hi eyoungren

    I am trying to share the internet from my pc, as Ive never done this before I automatically thought I needed to turn on internet sharing on the mac for it to work. Ive turned that off now
    I'm trying to connect from pc via eathernet cable because my mac don't have a wifi card in it, and ive read from different places saying its possable to do it this way.
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    OK, that makes more sense.

    Leave Internet Sharing off on the Mac. That setting shares internet FROM the Mac, not to it.

    On your PC, try this (I did a quick Google search):
    Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > Right Click the wifi connection > properties > Sharing tab > tick the two boxes > Settings > Tick and confirm every option in the list > OK > OK.

    On the Mac, make sure that Network Settings show you using Ethernet and that you are using DHCP to get an IP address.
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    Hi eyoungren thanks for the help so far.

    I've done all that and still there is no internet on the mac and on ethernet network on the pc it still says no internet.
    Now the odd thing is I'm using yahoo widgets on the mac for my weather information now it gets this information from the net and its showing the weather, but when i try to use a web browser nothing loads.
    Some how yahoo widets is accessing the internet.
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    Is your Mac getting an IP address, or does it say that Ethernet is disconnected?

    I wouldn't worry about the PC saying no Internet connection for Ethernet. You are getting Interet to the PC via the WiFI adapter, so the Ethernet connection adapter would show no activity for the PC and it wouldn't report any connection to the Mac.
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    on my mac undernetwork next to the built in ethernet it show a green button so I'm guessing its connected and on, when I click on it, I get given the ip address and the subnet mask and the router address.
    There must be somthing stopping the mac from getting the internet
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    Excellent! That means your Mac is getting the connection. It would not get an IP address if it wasn't.

    What is the address? Does it say something like Self-Assigned IP Address
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    on the network status screen it says built in ethernet is currently active and has the ip address
    and if i click on it I then get given the ip address and the subnet mask and the router address also lots of other information
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    OK. Cool. So, sharing is working and your PC has assigned an IP address to your Mac.

    Assuming you aren't using any proxys then the problem has to be with either the PC or your router. I'm not sure with Windows, but maybe you have to open a port for Internet sharing in Windows Firewall?

    Does your router have any stringent security? For instance, my router only assigns an IP address if it recognizes the device. Any device it doesn't recognize has no connectivity.
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    Ive turned off windows firewall and im still not getting anything, how can I find out that my router is not allowing access to the internet
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    You'd need to access the router's web interface. Typically that's or something similar. You can do a Google search for the default address for your type of router.

    You login and take a look at the settings. Usually there is a default username and password such as admin for both, or just admin with no password. Depends on the router.
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    Hi eyoungren

    I have access to my router's web interface, but im not sure what im looking for could you please give me some advice
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    There's a bazillion routers out there with twice that number of interfaces, so I can't speak directly to your specific router. However, you're going to be wanting to look for something along the lines of access restrictions or security. Usually, a range of IP addresses is either allowed or denied access to the internet, or just specific addresses.

    If this is your first time in the router interface it's likely that no stringent security is set and thus you probably won't find anything.

    At this point, I've no idea what might be affecting things. Just don't know enough about Win7 to help.
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    hi eyoungren

    I've looked around my router's web interface and could find anything to do with access restrictions or security I could not even find the ip address thats been assigned to the mac, all I could find is my devices that are connected to the wireless router, but the mac is not in the list not even unknown device.
    Once again thanks for the help, I guess I'll leave it as and try and buy a wireless usb or pci card for the mac at somepoint
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    Here is an update on this just incase anyone else wants to do the same as ive got it working now. what needs to be done in windows 7 is to bridge both connections, the wifi and the ethernet connection

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