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HELP! UT error in osx

Discussion in 'Games' started by FattyMembrane, Sep 19, 2002.

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    ok, i just ordered ut today and copied all of the files from the cd to my hard drive (i no longer have os9 on my machine) and downloaded the ut for osx. everything is fine until the progress bar gets to "linking objects" or something like that, and then i get an error:

    Class Actor Member Owner Problem:
    Script=48 C++=52

    does anyone know what the problem is? even under root it does not run, so i'm pretty sure that its not a permissions problem. do i need to modify and ini file (they are just the ones that came with ut for osx)? the demo ran fine under os9, so i'm pretty sure that it's not a hardware issue, but just for kicks, i'm on an imac G3 500mhz 384meg Rage128/16meg.
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    EDIT: bousozoku was right, i just needed to blow off some steam. installed 9, upgraded to 436 and it works.
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    Why are you complaining about MacSoft?

    It's not their responsibility to update an old game. Westlake, the porting people, are doing everyone a favour by updating the game to work on Mac OS X and, if it's not perfect, it's because they aren't finished.

    By the way, v436 is on the Game of the Year CD.
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    Macsoft will put the OS X version on the discs when it is finished. Keep in mind that the current version is in actuality a beta, companies don't release betas in the store.
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    i realize that it's in beta, and really do appreciate that they are porting it to osx (i just had to blow off some steam the other day, sorry if i made any one who works for macsoft mad, i didnt mean it :D ). there really would not be any need for putting the osx version on the cd if they would just ship the cd with the 436 files instead of the 400 files, but i have it all installed now, so i dont really care anymore (too busy shooting people).

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