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Help with 2nd Gen iPod Shuffle (single blinking orange light)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Bklass, Jul 4, 2012.

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    So I haven't used my 2nd gen shuffle for maybe a week or two. I primarily use it for running/working out. I go to plug it in to my laptop today, and all I get is one SINGLE orange flash of the light indicator. Does anybody know what this means?

    The iPod no longer shows up in my iTunes, not even on my desktop or in DiskUtility. It's not a battery issue, because I was able to charge it in the dock from a usb charger. It's also not likely the usb ports on my brand new MBA, because I get the same thing on my wife's 2011 11" MBA (and I was able to use it on her laptop weeks/months before).

    Any help with troubleshooting would be appreciated. I can't seem to find anything in forums on just a SINGLE orange flash of the light. Hoping I don't have to go out and buy a new one...
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    Of course I have, otherwise I would not have posted in here. I've tried the manual reset, tried different usb ports (and computers); still nothing. The iPod won't even show up in the side panel of iTunes (or in DiskUtility, as I have already stated).

    Looks like I now own a $50 paper clip...
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    Yep, you got a 50$ paperclip.

    I got the orange light and mine will no longer work. Call apple and see what they can do, I bet they may give a new one for a good price or even free. I can't bring mine in because its totaled.

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