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Help with Apple TV..

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pojo1806, Sep 23, 2013.

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    I am just about to buy an Apple TV for cheap (£25 cheaper than retail) and just wondering if this is a good deal? I hear there is a new one coming out?
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    I'm in the same situation, I've just decided to wait a while and see if a new one comes out in the next month or so.
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    Considering the Apple TV is already one of the cheapest entry points into Apple's ecosystem, I'd recommend you go ahead and act on that £25-off deal. The Apple TV 3 is a nice little machine as is. Heck, even the ATV 2 still holds its own for those who can live with 720p, and can be jailbroken for those who are into that kind of thing.

    I have two ATV2's and one 3; all work like a charm for streaming from NetFlix, YouTube and my iTunes libraries.
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    Thanks for the reply, I am still considering it although I have been told my mac mini could be as good as apple tv using a program called plex.. Anyone know much about this? I am aware I can't play iTunes bought stuff on it.
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    The Mac Mini seems like a dead end to me. Apple are going to continue to develop the ATV itself and the services offered through it as with the latest update which works fine for me. It's also really portable and I take mine on holiday with me so I can watch UK TV overseas. All you need is the ATV and an HDMI cable. Try fitting a MAC Mini, Display, Keyboard and mouse in your luggage. At £75 or $75 it's a steal. If ATV4 is a big upgrade in hardware and it does arrive next month you can always get a refund on the ATV3.

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    Thank you for the fantastic reply, I am going to play around with seeing how my mini works as a media center tonight and if I feel the apple tv will be better for me I will get it. I wont ever be moving the apple tv around with me if I am honest so that is no issue and I have an apple remote for my mini all ready.
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    I use plex, and it would make a really nice setup on a mac mini if you're not bothered about itunes content.

    However I use plex on my ipad to stream off my mac pro and airplay it to my appletv..... it means I can watch stuff on different tv's without having to have a mac mini connected to both.
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    Well i don't mind about itunes content as all the stuff in my itunes isn't bought from itunes, bar maybe 20 odd songs.. So i think plex might be a good route. I have all the necessary cables etc so it's just a case of if the plex software (which i haven't tried yet) looks good on my tv, which is full 1080p/smart/3D.
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    So tonight i went for a combo of iflicks and xbmc which is working perfectly as of right now :)
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    Your itunes purchased music would work in plex.
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    Thanks for the reply but I'm not bothered about the music aspect of the program. :)

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