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Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by thewireman, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Hello, I just got stand alone Apple iSight for my Powermac G5 and it works with yahoo and AIM but not on Chatroulette or facebuzz. Why?

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    have you got the latest version of Flash?
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    How can I check that?
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    I have the latest. Whats next?
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    isight and chatroulette

    Hello people,

    I have the same problem, everything is uptodate and the trouble started after they updated their site..

    Before it worked fine..

    If anyone can help, I (and lots of others) would be very grateful.

    I am running Mac OSX 10.5.8, isight firewire, G5 dual PPC 1.8Ghz, Safari, Firefox.

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    Hate to be Captain Obvious, but perhaps you should contact them? Something changed on their side... it's possible you might be able to use a user agent spoof to get it to work, if it's something funny with the way it handles a detected Mac browser, but otherwise, it's probably something they will have to address.
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    Yes, I did, and no response for about a week. :(

    Oh by the way, Facebuzz now works....but I rather use Chatroulette...
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    I have been contacting them nearly everyday since their stupid update, no response.

    They obviously did something, and don't give a "bleep" if a few lone mac users can't use their service. works fine, so it is not a flash issue..

    But as "thewireman" says, I would rather use chatroulette too.

    What was the user agent spoof thing you talked about??
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    User agent spoofing is setting up some config such that you tell a webpage you're using a different browser than you actually are using. i.e. Surfing with Safari and telling chatroulette you're using FireFox. This potentially could be a work around for the issue if in fact, CR has some problems in their code when trying to handle Safari.
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    Try changing the camera settings in the drop down in chatroulette from USB to Built in or just try them all and see which one works for you.
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    Try going to
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    This worked for me! Thanks a lot! I would've never find this solution!
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    Tried the spoof thing

    Ok, that still doesn't work, It says "in order to play the game, you must enable your camera"

    The stupid thing is, is that I can see myself in my cam box.

    Any more suggestions????
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    #16 gives error:
    "Sorry, this page is not available"

    My webcam which works with Skype, iChat and everything else, is not picked up on Chatroulette.

    Can't see anyway to contact the company from their very minimal website.
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    same problem vith my webcam, I tried asking on other forums and got no answer so far.
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    This works

    go to adobe and download the flash uninstaller then once uninstalled go to adobe and install flash player then it works

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