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Help with HDTV/Speakers setup

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Unprocessed1, Jul 14, 2009.

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    I have a Samsung LED 6000 series TV, which only has an optical output for audio.

    I play on using my MBP and PS3 on the tv on a regular basis, but the tv's internal speakers are kind of weak and I'm particularly looking for computer speakers to hook up to the tv (for portability and price - real speakers are completely unfeasible for me)

    So, I have a few questions:

    1) Are there any (semi) decent and affordable computer speakers with optical input, so I can use an optical cable to connect the speakers to my tv? Haven't had much luck finding many.

    2) If I do get optical computer speakers, will I need anything special when using my MBP or PS3, or will the speakers automatically work with the laptop and gaming system without a switcher or other gadgets to have everythign working without unplugging anything?

    Thanks in advance, my knowledge on speakers is clearly lacking.
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    What's the price range. Logitech Z-5500s are the first to come to mind.
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    $300 is doable. How would those speakers work with my proposed set-up?
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    They are the best "computer" speakers on the market. You will still have to unplug though to my knowledge.
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    But the optical cable should work flawlessly with the PS3 and TV? How would I use the speakers with the MBP? I
    I'm actually more concerned with using the speakers soley with my PS3
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    A simple TOS cable will solve your MacBook Pro question, not owning a PS3, I cannot guarantee it, but it seems like it would work. Quick Google Search turned this up.
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    these look great for my setup too! The only thing is I'm looking for a 2.0 or 2.1 set. Any other ideas? Must have wireless control, 2+ inputs and small satellites.

    Ok, I'll ask: would this Z-5500 (or any other 5.1) sound ok if the rear speakers weren't hook up?
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    How are you getting the signals INTO the TV? You only mentioned an optical OUTPUT. Also, you need to check your manual for your TV since that is likely only an output for the OTA feed, and not a passthrough for other audio that is input into the TV.

    Or is your intent to by-pass the TV for audio all together? If so that wasn't too clear from your first post.

    I'd also point out that those Logitech speakers are not portable since you said that is a requirement too.
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    I'd use an optical cable, as it's the only audio port in the TV. Bypassing the TV audio could work.

    The Logitech speakers do seem to be a little too expensive and not portable though.
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    The optical port on your TV will only send stereo audio out to the external speakers connected to them. You would need to use HDMI to get audio from your PS3 into the TV.
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    I have a 32" Samsung Luxia 6000 series tv. The audio is terrible. My MBP has better speaker quality! I'm sure these speakers will be an upgrade.

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