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Discussion in 'Community' started by phreakout13, Jan 6, 2004.

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    can anyone tell me how to use those buddy icons that show up when you post a thread?
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    it's an avatar...

    u get it when u reach 500 posts...

    click me for info...
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    i think he meant these: :D :) ;)

    when you post...there is a menu at left with 'smilies'. when you click them, you will see the 'code'.

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    how right u are....

    serves me right for moderating while talking on the phone... :eek: ;)
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    Powerbook G5

    I thought he meant avatar, too, since those are "smilies" and not "buddy icons" which, in AOL-speak, is the avatar you have when you IM someone.
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    but I thought...when u said...that u thought...I said...that I thought....

    hehe...ok enough... ;)
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    :eek: brave of you to admit you know how to speak AOL. I would be ashamed...:p

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    And for another question, how do you find out when you reach 500 posts (or your post count at any point, for that matter)? Usually at just about the time I've been at a board long enough to get privileges like an avatar, I find other interests and leave, but it looks like this Mac thing could break that pattern!

    (that's right, you're stuck with me and my long-winded babble for a poor people.) :p
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    I suppose u will have to just look occasionally at your postcount to find out...not something advisable to make a deal out of, of course. ;)
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    Hotel California? or have I misunderstood the lyrics?

    I've promised myself time and time again that I wouldn't waste anymore of my life in this godforsaken place:eek: :)

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