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Help with ipod and new car stereo, lots of questions.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by tangerineyum, Feb 6, 2007.

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    I deliver pizza, not the most glamourous of jobs but it pays well and i enjoy it. I decided to ipod my car because radio is boring me to death. So I spent some cash and got this Kenwood KDC-MP632U. It plays mp3 wma and aac. It has usb port on the back that you can connect to your ipod via the dock cable(of which i have to many). And it can read music from usb devices. Everything sounds good yes ? Well not so much.

    First, yes it can play and read ipods. WINDOWS based ipods, no matter, i can format my ipod with a windows computer and then just sync with my mac later. Nope, did not work, receiver knows ipod is plugged in but does not know what to do with files. Plugging in a friends windows ipod plays fine. So do i need to move my music to a pc then try again ?

    Second, my original ipod shuffle plays everything fine, this makes me happy. It loves songs bought from itunes. Does not like every song ripped. And the order is all messed up. So i changed my shuffle from ipod, to solid data. mp3's ply fine, but in wrong order. If a book is 3 files, it plays 1,3,2. Ive tried every combination of copying order, to number the files from smallest to largest, largest to smallest. Labeling folders by number and letter. I cant get them to play in order. On the stereo display, it loves the folders 09, 11, and 14. Naming the folder on my shuffle 09,11, and 14 makes the stereo display 07,08 and 13. IM clueless as what to try next.

    I know most of you wont have an exact answer to my questions, what im looking for more is other ideas to expriment with before i decide whether or not i should keep the stereo.
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    What happens when you redo the ID3 tags? (select a bunch of tracks - right click - select 'Convert ID3 Tags'.

    Try all of the ID3 Tag versions one at a time, I've had trouble with other MP3 players (Zen Xtra) using some versions of ID3 tags (i.e. v2.3 worked perfectly but others didn't).
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    i did try converting some id3 tags, but for aac it wasnt an option. and it was hit or miss, most of my mp3's are 2.2.

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