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Help with opinion on MBA/MBP displays

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jg216, Jun 23, 2012.

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    The MBA has 1440x900 and the MBP has 1280x800
    Does this mean the display on the air is better? I saw somewhere on these forums that the pro still has a better display. I'm deciding between a MBA and MBP 13" for college, I need opinions on the displays
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    In the same boat, They had to make the MBA and MBP 13' so similar this year..

    Leaning towards MBA because of size and better screen res...

    Also leaning towards MBP.... Better CPU, can take more RAM, can upgrade to a SSD...

    My decision comes down almost to which screen is better.. Any ideas? :confused:
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    Don't think about the resolution, think about the weight. I used a Powerbook in college and it gets heavy lugging across campus. I never want to do that again.

    To answer your question though, historically people have said that the Airs display is slightly better, with higher res and less reflection/glare because the Pro has a piece of glass over the front that's very reflective. On the flipside however people also say that the Pro has a better color gamut.

    FWIW I would get the Air and not look back.
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    Anyone else?
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    Well then the air it is !

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