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Help with QTMovies

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by yomi.odeleye, Mar 5, 2009.

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    Hi every one Am new here. I dont know if any one of you have work or program QTmovie before. I just want to find out How can i cut a video if i give it a starting time and ending time. Have not done this before and am new to this programming language. I've taken a look at the QTMovie Class but i don't know which one of the classes will benefit me and how will i use them. I can program in cocoa a little bit. i just need some one to point me to the right direction. thank you for your helps:)

    Am using cocoa language to develop this app.:):apple:
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    Have a look at the "Editing a Movie" section of QTMovie's documentation. These methods ...

    – replaceSelectionWithSelectionFromMovie:
    – appendSelectionFromMovie:
    – insertSegmentOfMovie:timeRange:atTime:
    – insertSegmentOfMovie:fromRange:scaledToRange:
    – insertEmptySegmentAt:
    – deleteSegment:
    – scaleSegment:newDuration:
    – addImage:forDuration:withAttributes:

    ... are pretty much all you need. If, for instance, you want to keep a segment somewhere in the middle of the movie and discard the rest, just delete the segments before and after that segment you're interested in.

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