Help with submissions in signatures... (not for me... for you!!)

Discussion in '1,000,000 Post Contest' started by katanna, Aug 17, 2004.

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    I was copying everyone else's idea and putting my Avatar Submissions in my signature (see below), I ran out of room (they only allow 500 characters). To fix this, I used Tiny URLs. is a neat website that shrinks URLs. There are two main ways to use Tiny URL... copy the link that you want and paste it on their home page, or, do what I do...
    Drag this link to your link bar (or put it in bookmarks, etc... just watch out, it is not a web link, it is javascript...
    Now, when you are on the website you want to shrink, just click on your bookmark, and it will automatically shrink your URL!
    Any who, I thought some of you with a lot of submissions might be running out of room in your sig, and you could use this! (it shrinks it by more than half!)
    Hope you can understand my rambling...

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    Flying Llama

    Wow thanks I was running out of room so i had to delete some of them now i can have them all!
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    Mr. Anderson

    That's a really great idea, but how many unique tiny urls can they have....they seem a little too small :D

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    Do I smell a sticky?
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    It looks like they went with base-36 numbering, so the answer is "lots."
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    Alternative to tinyurl

    vBcode also has a thread tag which can help compact things. For example, here's how my signsature is written.

    (thread=84272)I(/thread) (thread=84313)despise(/thread)

    ...and so on. Use square brackets where I show parens, of course. The thread numbers are the t= thingies in the full thread URL.
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    lets see...
    (thread=84272)I(/thread) = 24 characters...
    (url= = 37 characters...
    THANKS! this is even better than mine!!
    */me goes to change his sig...* lol


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