Help with war3 :(

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fright666, Aug 10, 2002.

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    plz help me :/ will it work on my mac g3 300Mghz 192 RAM 16meg vid card rage ati plz help :(
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    With everything turned to low, yeah i9t should work ok...maybe not the best, but ok
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    This is what I have

    I have an iBook 500MHz. 384MB RAM. 8MB ATI Rage Pro 128. I installed WC III. I turned everything to the minimum (including sound, they say that turning sound quality down low and unchecking options helps), it ran like crap. It was PLAYABLE, but not fun. I saw it on my friends G4 800 with a GeForce4MX card and it rocks. Youve got twice as much ram, but a 200MHz slower processor and less system RAM. The guess is yours.
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    will it work playable, how many fps? plz its urgent thank u all, i love u all mac users u r gods :)

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