Help with World of Warcraft on macbook (swimming underwater)

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by LondonGooner, May 27, 2007.

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    its becoming incredibley frustrating figuring out how to swim underwater while playing WoW on my macbook. Anyone got any advice? thanks
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    use the track pad and look down, whilst holding the button down, try that
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    Gasu E.

    Get a USB 2-button mouse.
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    I don't know whether you're having a trackpad control problem (hold Command and drag) or graphical issues, or something else. Can you be more specific?
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    You're using the trackpad to play WOW?

    If you're using a mouse, right-click and look down while pressing W. And the same while looking up to resurface.

    I'm not sure what the trackpad equivalent of that would be, since I've never tried that...
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    Using a trackpad, you need to be skilled in finger Olympics. Hold down W while holding down the CTRL key and the mouse button and use a finger to sweep down on the track pad.
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    look in your key bindings for pitch. I would strongly suggest getting a two-button mouse for your laptop if you're going to be playing WoW a lot. It makes life simpler.:)
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    i played wow for about a week on the trackpad and swimming using the trackpad wound me up.... its better to play with a mouse. anyway, follow instructions already given..
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    well i usually play in bed, so i cant use my mouse.

    However after a little reaserch i found out that the latest patch for WoW included a solution to this. Now you just have to press X while in water, and it will go down. And Space to resurface. brilliant!
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    Gasu E.

    My eyes well up with tears. Blizz luvs single-button mouse people (even though I have had a mouse-transplant, I am still genetically a single-button mouse person). :)

    Seriously, they did this in response to complaints that there was no simple way to drop down a flying mount in Outlands (the space bar has been used all along to make a flying mount rise like a helicopter, but there was no drop alternative). By responding to the flying mount issue, they addressed both it and the long-standing dive problem. Thanks for pointing this out-- I hadn't realized that the flying mount changes applied to dive as well. It certainly makes sense...

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