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Help with XBMC and NAS on ATV2 - please!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by margotspop, Jan 25, 2011.

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    I've just got a new ATV 2 - I jailbroke it and added XBMC. My problem is that I'm unable to add any content from my NAS. I can add a share through SMB and XBMC can see that share and the content on it. It even does a scan of the media. But when I click on, say, 'Movies' (the name I've given that share) I get the same error: "remote share Network is not connected". I've researched as much as I can in other forums but I've had no luck with solutions there. I have file sharing enabled on the Airport Disks and given guest access. As I said, XBMC can get to the shares and view the content when I'm setting up the SMB, it just doesn't seem to be able to play them.

    Any ideas?

    Note - I have XBMC running on my Macbook and I have no problems viewing the movies there. It seems to be just an ATV issue.

    p.s. - If this helps, my little girl is off sick today and would love to watch some of her movies. Who amongst you would deny a sick, little girl! ;)
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    Try mounting the network share on your desktop. Although this is not true NAS support, I have had the same problem. When I first set up XBMC streaming I had a different hard drive that worked just fine. After I bought a new larger drive, it must be mounted before XBMC can access it. Good luck. Hope your little girl feels better.
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    Well how about that! I already had the shares already mounted on my laptop. So I tried unmounting them, went downstairs to the TV room, and lo and behold XBMC starts seeing them. I'm hoping this is just a one-off thing and that I'll be able to mount the drives on my laptop at the same time as the ATV is on.

    But anyway, for now, everything is working. Thanks a lot! I thank you and so does my daughter!
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    EXEMPLE: Add a NAS folder with movies to the VIDEO
    Goto VIDEO - Add Source - Browse - Add Network Location
    type the NAS IP + the shared movies folder + user + password + OK when finished
    The newly added sources appears in the source list
    Put the cursor over the new source. Press the LEFT arrow on the remote to go to OK below
    one this source appears in theprevious screen change it's name if you want
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    I could use some XBMC help, especially when using it on a Macbook. How in the world do you had plugins? I cannot find any good tutorials or help that gives step by step on how to do it.
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    I haven't added any plugins yet so I can't help you there. But the forums on XBMC are a good place to start - they have one dedicated to XBMC on the iOS platform and they're pretty helpful.
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    They're called add-ons. Go to Settings -> Addons.
    Select what you want, and install!
    They'll appear in the appropriate addons folder within Video or Music.
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    Thanks. What I was trying to do is install addons that are not listed there, such as HULU, NETFLIX, CBS, CNN and a few others. PLEX shows all the addons I want to use, but has issues with Adobe 10.1, XBMC does not have those issues, but I could not figure out how to install addons that they do not have pre loaded.
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    adding Add ons that aren't listed

    This is exactly what I've been looking for, these threads seem to die right when they get good. Anyway, I'm trying to add an add on to my XBMC running on apple tv (atv2). of course there is a method to do this on a PC, but it doesn't seem to be possible through the TV interface, is it possible?
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    Look for the bluecop repository and add it via zip. (It took me awhile to figure it out, and I already forgot the exact steps, so sorry about this rather cryptic response. But yes, that's what you need to do to get Hulu, etc.)

    In any case, you'll find more direct help over at the XBMC forums. Hope this helps.
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    Can you tell me if you had to unplug the atv2 from the power cord and plug it into you PC or Mac via the micro USB?
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    No, as long as you have the XBMC installed already, you should be able to do an SFTP (via cyberduck? freeware) and copy it to the right place...wirelessly...very similar to SSH'ing into your device from the terminal in OSX.

    Your best bet will be to visit the forums at XBMC org.
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    Thank you, I'm checking into cyberduck now. I'm hoping I can add it on based on it being an existing XBMC add on. If I understand you correctly, this process should enable me to add a repository file (such as blue cops) through the zip file option on the XBMC interface on atv2.
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    I believe you're right. Just make sure to save the zip file into the right directory within your ATV2 and the repository should be accessible for install within the ATV2 UI.
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    Just following up:

    "Upload the Zip to /var/mobile/ and then choose install from zip in the add-ons menu"

    Stumbled on this in one of the xbmc forums. I'm pretty sure this is what I did.

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