Help! Zero issues/complaints so far with my PowerBook. What should I do?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by SolidGun, Aug 13, 2004.

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    Dear Macrumors member,

    I just purchased my PowerBook 12" with superdrive three weeks ago and have used it a lot. I have read all kinds of books I can to adapt my Mac ignorant self to PB.
    My concern is that, I have not had any issues with my PB as of now. I am rather confused because there have been so many complaints on this forum regarding the uses of any technology and having problems with them, but I haven't been a victim of such horrendous event with the short time that I have spent so far with my PB. Should I throw it against a wall? Should I use the PB in bath? I really really need your help. Help me be like many that have problems with the Mac.

    I know this was just a joke and a point to put across people that ask why people have so many problems here at Macrumors forum (obvious reasons why), but I hope my PB doesn't break down right after I hit "Submit New Thread". That would be rather embarassing. :D
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    Well, good for you. Hope it stays that way. Wish I could say the same things about my Powerbook.
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    double post, sorry.
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    you do realize that only people with problems tend to post, right? ;)

    with 10,000+ potential posters...

    glad to hear you are having no problems with your machine. i've had mine for a year and a half - no problems at all, still going strong.
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    Ditto on the no problems 12" Rev B has worked like a dream since I got it in Jan.

    (Kisses it and whispers 'you complete me' before deciding to say hello to sunshine!!) :D
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    I've got the same problem with a Rev. A 12" PB. It and my old snow iBook are vying to be my most trouble free computer ever.
  7. 7on
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    The only problem I had was a tiny LCD problem handled by AppleCare. And then htere's the noisiness of my computers -- which I shouldn't complain because similar PCs have been louder.
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    You could always acquire a Windows PC if you want more issues :eek:
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    James Craner

    I have a two month old Powerbook 15" 1.5GHz, no problems at all. However the 1.25GHz powerbook I had before had to be replaced due to the dreaded white spot problem on the screen.
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    I have 2 PC machines and 1 Windows laptop at home, and I have no problems with them. The main reason that I don't have any problems is because they are not built by Dell or Gateway........100% well researched parts/software, put together and managed by me (except the notebook, it was more cost effective to buy a prebuilt unit than for me to put together an ugly piece of ..).
    I don't like to hear people make fun of PC machines (with Windows even), as much as I don't like to see people make fun of Mac. They are both great at what they can do and will never be perfect as long as PEOPLE are using it.
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    Re: Help! Zero issues/complaints so far with my PowerBook. What should I do?

    You could install Panther on it. You're bound to find problems there. [​IMG]

    You could also try to insert a mini-disk into your optical drive. That'll def. cause some problems.

    Or you could try using it at Dave's "Swimming Pool for Fat People" club and sit 5 feet from the pool in a lounge chair.

    Even better, you could toss it into the Stargate and see how it comes back...if it comes back. Though I'm not sure if AppleCare would cover free phone calls in light years.
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    Very true. When someone has a problem they surf the web and find people with problems like theirs. Suddenly everyone thinks that the problem is so wide spread that nearly all Macs Apple ships are flawed in some way. People need to realize that the vast majority of computer users never experience a serious problem.
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    To put an end to this state of affairs, you can hit it with a sledgehammer. However, some people prefer a software fix. Many users report that they end their trouble-free days by installing Norton SystemWorks and then using it to defrag the hard disk. This is supposed to cause many troubled days and sleepless nights.
  14. jsw
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    I feel your pain. I have a five year old Lombard G3 PB. The silly thing just won't break! Still no dead pixels, still good battery life, runs Panther. It's like it doesn't know it's supposed to break. I mean, three years ago, someone at work dropped it, crushing the upper left corner and 'deactivating' that speaker, and the darn thing still runs. How the hell am I supposed to buy a new one if this one won't die?!?
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    I suggest you start placing cups of coffee next to it. One day one is bound to spill. Of course, I bet many a Lombard has actually survived that. You could "accidently" run it over with your car, but then it might survive that too.
  16. jsw
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    Nah, won't work. I mean, even if it died, the thing would come back in some undead fashion. Like "Night of the Living Dead", I'd probably set its broken remains in my office, only to walk in in the morning to find it feasting on my G5's CPUs.

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