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Here's a petition... if you want a Mac version of the Googl...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 8, 2003.

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    Re: Here's a petition... if you want a Mac version of the Googl...

    kinda like that google search field in safari, eh?

    i guess it could use more features, but for me if i want an image search i enter the terms, search, then on the search page click "images," and it does it... seems simple enough.
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    The only thing the google toolbar on my PC can do that the google space in safari can't do is have a drop down menu of previous searches, and have an easily clickable button to find the word that you searched for. No big deal, and I bet apple could build in those features.
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    Can people not just type in google.com? ;) It only takes a second.;)
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    I made shortcuts (or macros or whatever you call them) in OmniWeb so I can type "google poo bah" to search Google for web pages about "poo bah" and so I can type "image foo bar" to search Google for pictures of a "foo bar". Even though it only saves a few seconds and a few keystrokes, I like it a lot.
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    actually, in safari, if you click the down arrow to the right of the magnifying glass, it will drop down a menu that contains many of your recent searches. it's quite effective, and easy to clear if it gets cluttered.
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    I'll probably never use it, but I voted for it just for the principle of it - the more Mac apps, the better!
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    try this

    You guys should try shadowGoogle, which i have been using for a long time now. It searches the web using many different browsers in just a second. You define what you want to search with. It is really cool because it does not take up desktop space if you set it up correctly, but pop up when you need it. It is really sweet because it runs in the background, does not eat your CPU and you can customize it not to take up Dock space!!!

    Here is a link:

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    I thought I would bump this back up. The google toolbar a lot more then just having the search feature directly on the window. Safari's version of it is a step in the right direction, but it lacks some of the main features of the toolbar. These features cannot be accessed without the toolbar either. For instance, the highlight feature. This feature lets the user toggle a highlight on and off the screen and it goes through the page you are on and highlights the words of your search. This means that if you are reading through a page of text just to find one statement or name, you can easily find it. I know that "find" on explorer does the same, but it only searches one word at a time!
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    I'm #1710 to sign the petition. Want to always try to support Apple. Hope that we will see results soon!
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    this supports apple?
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    yea, i'm in. i was just thinking today that a builtin feature like that would be so good. well, it won't be 'built-in' more like an add on. :)

    but i guess shadowGoogle will do for now.

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