Here's a suggestion.. No TV :)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by heabrook, Jan 15, 2006.

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    I was just browsing this part of the forum and noticed dozens of threads about TV shows.

    I just thought I would share my experience with you. My fiance and I moved to Colorado a few months ago. Previously, we were in Arizona. We had TV access and would watch on occasions (at least I would, my fiance never seemed interested in watching TV).

    When we moved to Colorado, we decided not to sign up for TV access. It costs a lot, and we never really watched it much. Plus, we would always feel drained after sitting in front of the TV.

    Now that we don't have TV, we buy/rent DVDs if we feel like watching a movie. And if not, we spend time doing other things that are much more productive.

    Just thought I'd share... In our opinions, TV is a huge waste of time. You spend hours watching shows when you could be spending time with family, exercising, reading, doing something to stimulate your creativity, etc...

    We're excited about our new stance on television. It's not really about the content, more about the waste of time. When we have a kid, we both agree that we won't have TV. We will purchase educational DVDs and kid movies for the child to watch. We would rather our child spend time learning, not wasting away in front of the television.
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    watching 24 hours of tv of the show 24 isn't a waste of time IMO:p
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    i very much agree with you. Ive also found that tv (in the uk) has gone way down hill over the past couple of years and there is rarely anything decent to watch anymore. Many of my friends have sky but tend only to watch the movies.. why pay 15-25pounds a month for 800channels that have nothing but crap on them?!

    dvds and film have always been for me. All the decent documentaries, series, cartoons are often put onto dvd, and with them you have freedom of when to watch etc. TV lisence in the uk is about 125pounds a year for 5channels that are abismal, what a shame. I hear in the US there are 25plus standard channels, then surely the US has more to offer in the way of quality entertainment?

    Or maybe its because that i hate soap operas that my views are this way? Damn them for sucking half of my country into an hour a day of far fetching storylines... (i shall stop now)
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    I respect your point of view. But, this would be pretty tough for me. Right now I am wishing my Tivo had one more tuner!:eek:
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    i think the new series 3 tivo has another tuner. :confused:
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    I have a TV with basic cable and I agree that there is a lot of junk out there. However, much like the internet, for every 10 MTV reality shows there will probably be a good program on. The local public television channel (Boston wgbh) is almost gauranteed to have something interesting.
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    So what are you telling us? I believe in respecting other people's way of life, so good for you. But are you trying to push this upon us? If so, then no thank you. After 50+ hours of work and school per week, I really don't feel like doing anything "simulating". Laying in bed with my girlfriend while watching CIS, NCIS, L&O, or anything else that is on is very relaxing.

    The new ones do!!!
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    i like to believe i have enough will power to know when i've watched enough tv and get back to work, but for those who don't, it sure healthier to cut it out :)
  9. Lau

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    No, if you read my post thoroughly, you should note that I expressed that I just wanted to share my experience with everyone. Why would I want to push my beliefs on anyone? If I did, I probably would have said "I don't watch tv, so you shouldn't either!"
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    I don't have a TV, but I have EyeTV. I rarely watch regular TV, only when I wait for the tea water to boil in the common room where I live. I use EyeTV to record/watch a couple of shows per week.

    I also think watching too much TV is kind of a waste of time, but without a TV I just tend to find other ways of wasting time. I'm not sure which is worst.
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    Sometimes I'm happy that the show wasn't called "25", because they would probably have to add one more hour to each day just so that I didn't have to tell people that I spent 2 days watching that show. It fits perfectly into one day right now. ;)

    Actually, to tell you the truth, I haven't watched TV for an entire year. It's great, but I find that I spend more time on the internet now than before, and it's usually here.

    I don't know if hanging out with all of you is better than watching TV. :eek:

    Haha, I luuuuurve British humour! :D :p
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    Lots of ppl replace the internet for tv. So its not really that big of a difference. I have lots of friends who brag about not watching lots of tv, like they are so deep or something, but they are on the net all day.
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    come on, set me straight... there are myths of the wonders of US tv that circulate the UK.

    as a side point, i switch on about 5minutes of a lost episode (ive never seen it before) and saw a guy holding a stick of dynamite, talking about it for ages, and just when you dont suspect.. BANG the thing explodes and he dies... seriously it was a fine example of awesome entertainment. (although i did tunr the tv off 10minutes later)
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    If i didn't have TV, every single one of my Friday nights would be completely ruined.


    I need my sci-fi Friday to live.

    Boy do i love having a girlfriend that doesn't want to go out friday nights. Go Sci-Fi Fridays.
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    Reading this was a waste of my time. :p

    Fair enough its your view. I don't see the problem with wastching TV as long as people don't just sit in front of it for hours on end.
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    Even so. Isn't it their choice? Who am I to judge if someone else is wasting time so long it isn't my time.
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    I find it amazing how many people are offended simply because I posted my opinion. Sorry if reading this thread was a waste of your time, I was just hoping to strike up an intellectual conversation. I thought people would be more open to others opinions and not feel threatened. I am, by no means, attempting to tell people not to watch tv.
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    Grapes, you know I wasn't trying to judge. Why do you feel so threatened by someone sharing their opinion about NOT watching tv? It would be different if someone stormed in here and started telling people that they are wrong for watching tv and should stop immediately.
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    I don't think people are offended, at least I'm not. It's your life, you live it how you want to. But what type of responses did you expect?

    I don't think you are trying to judge. I'm just confused on what type of answers you want?
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    I am just shocked because quite a few people seemed to be very offended.. it's just TV and just my opinion.. I guess I expected people to either respond with something useful, or not respond at all. I didn't think of the type of responses that I would want... I just thought it was an interesting topic. But, I didn't want people to feel like they should stop watching tv. I didn't want to step on any toes either. I guess, for some people, watching tv is very important to them. I think we are all entitled to our own opinion, but I didn't want anyone to assume that I was trying to push mine on them, you know? I didn't think I conveyed that message.. I was just trying to share my experience with watching tv, as I used to watch it a lot, but now we don't have tv access and are happier.
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    I don't think we could add anything useful. I see only a few possible responses:

    1. I don't watch TV either.
    2. I'm going to try that.
    3. Good for you, but not me.
    4. WTF are you thinking?

    The reason the topic crashed and burned is because there really isn't much more to say. I'm sure there are a few readers who will have something to add, but that probably wont' be the norm.
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    Ah.. I am used to a different type of social interaction. I don't belong on forums, atleast not anymore.. :)
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    Not true. Everyone belongs in forums. :p They are just a little different than most people are used to. While responses can be fast, you can get instant feedback. Plus, you are new around here. You'll learn the audience. I was only a browser and occasional poster at first. Soon you get hooked in and it's tough not to be here. It's fun and pretty educational at the same time.
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    I have no idea how people can maintain a sense of irony without watching bad television ...

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