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Here's another take on iOS 7 with live tiles, folders, quick settings

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by shangnom, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Seriously folks, just think about / look at ALL Apple's current designs to date, iconography and typefaces... then read these "concept" posts again. Someone isn't paying attention...
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    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The only thing I would change in this concept is the cartoonish look of the icons and live tiles. Not the design, just the cartoonish look in it (I have no idea how to describe it other than that).
    Besides that, I think it's gorgeous.
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    This concept looks great! I hope it ends up looking similar to this.
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    Looks like Microsoft Metro interface....
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    And they've interestingly moved the audio buttons and mute switch to the other side of the phone. Or is that the British iPhone 5? :p
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    Can't wait until Monday when (hopefully) all the concepts will finally stop.
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    Agree looks like a copy of Microsoft and that's not very apple like
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    I like certain aspects of it, especially the flatter appearance in the top images, but the widgets and live tiles make it look a little too much like Android for my liking. If Apple feel they need to bring in things like this, it would be nice to see them try and incorporate something different.

    That aside its a nicely put together OP and I think they should get recognition for that. :)
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    One of the better concepts, that were posted here. Email with green color just doesn't seem right, also Safari's navigation should look somewhat different.
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    We have the same opionion and if iPhone can incorporate something different from android, it will be become more and more wonderful.

    Finally,hoping that ios7 will be released in the near future.:)
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    This would make me consider returning to iPhone.

    The clock app sticks out though - the image of the clock looks to real compared to the other tiles.

    Widgets/Live tiles, quick toggles etc are a must have. Apple needs to drag themselves forward.
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    I could never make a mock-up like that, and I don't even know how people do! There are a lot of very talented people in the world, and you are certainly one of them! Beautiful.
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    Cool but iOS 7 won't have half of this.. especially not widgets on 3.5-4 screens :Z
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    The OCD in me loves the color-coordinated icon sets and the unified app design. :D
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    It looks pretty good but I feel that some of it is too overcrowded.
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    The icons are way off Apple's aesthetics - the inter-relationships of the icons and the shapes are just wrong, and the design is too cluttered and squashed together. If you're going to make a "concept", then at least make it one that could be a reality.

    Also, why would you think that Apple would consider a flashlight to be an essential part of their OS? Way too "tacked on" and clunky, and just not gonna happen.
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    this concept is awesome. I really hope iOS 7 is similar..

    great work
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    This is the first "fan" rendering I actually like. Good job.
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    Drunken Master

    Yes, the fonts are far too rounded to be the main font for iOS, that's part of the "cartoonish" and soft look.

    Also, the color hues are too bright with all the white in them. If anything Apple will likely opt for a slightly more muted color palette than this, especially that garish fuchsia.
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    Though I can appreciate the work people are putting into them.
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    Yep. And if I wanted Metro I would buy it


    They will. But the griping that Apple copied them, or that theirs is way better will kick up
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    If we saw this on Monday, I would be happy, looks amazing
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    Definitely the best concept so far!

    However the status bar looks out of place...
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    looking at the folders is like stuffing ur eyeballs with candy.

    thank you op, u've ruined my official iOS 7 experience:p

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