here's my set-up so far...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by technocoy, Dec 5, 2002.

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    What do you guys think??!!
    Awesome huh?!!:D
    I love my precious....
    Now when the new desktops with the new power pc are released....;)

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    heh.. i wish i had a monitor like that, then my setup would look like yours! w00t! except mine would be a lot messier
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    Here's mine...

    G4 500, 1.5GM RAM, 250GM HDD, DVDRW, Analog Video In
    Sony X72 17" TFT (400:1 Contrast)
    PowerBook G4 500, 768MB RAM, 20MB HD.
    All Jaguar, all fired up.


    PS, Zoolander on the 35" TV... oops!
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    G5 eh?
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    Mr. Anderson

    Is that poster on the wall your own work? Pretty cool stuff regardless.

    Here's my old set up - I've moved up stairs out of the basement, but not fully complete, so I don't have a pic yet.


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    I dare not show my workstation, it looks lite a corner of hell. I will say this. My desk has a 13" tv, a dual 867, a "Samtron" 17" flat crt that makes a whiney noise when in 640*480, 500 MHz pismo, creature speakers, a EyeTV, plasma ball and lava lamp, and a bunch of cds. Also in the house is a Mac Classic, LC, LC 475, PowerMac 7500, g4 500 dual, rev b imac, and a 1GHz tiBook.
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    Nice set-up, technocoy...quite a nice birthday present!
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    THere was a setup contest at spymac that you should all check out.

    There were some really awesome and intesting setups.
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    Spymac? Who? hehehehehe:D
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    Ahem, yes amended that, thanks...

    PS, I wish!!!
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    my setup only needs to be setup! :D Just a few days till i get home to my Ti and pics will follow.

    P.S. how common is the name hamish? I knew one here in dublin.
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    I can't say that here in the US that name exists, but I don't see why not. :)
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    Here's mine, nice and cluttered:

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    I know a guy named Hamish who lives out in CA.
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    heres mine......

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    Well, I have never done this in a thread before, but here goes.

    iMac 17"
    Dual 1GHZ with 22" Cinema.

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    Believe it or not I've been called Hamish all my life! :D

    It's Scottish (my dad was from Edinburgh) - hence my name, but it's the Scottish translation od the Irish Seamus, and also translates from the English 'James'.

    I like it!
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    Woah, damn, iSticks on both machines! Awesome... but, why two printers? Can't you just share one?


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