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"Here's To The Crazy Ones..." Steve Jobs Poster - Typefaces?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by SAdProZ, Dec 6, 2011.

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    Helvetica Ultra Compressed (different weights)

    The rest look like HFJs offerings, though you can find similar on Font Squirrel.

    Still a very nice typographic find.
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    I must say...that's very well done. Bravo to the person created it.
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    while a part of me does like the look of this, i have to say that i am officially tired of this particular design trend and the typefaces. what were once "ooh" typefaces "let's use them sparingly" are now "hey, let's make something trendy and use blah condensed italic, blah slab, blah script, blah inline." it's not ugly, it's just overused and i think that in a creative field you'd wanna steer away from looking like everything else. seriously, spend 10 minutes looking around on dribbble and you'll see darn near every one of these fonts used in a similar matter. end rant.

    also, ezekialrage is right, a handful of those are definitely HF&J offerings.
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    Great point, actually although very cool it's kind of over done... So many of these styles of type treatment has surfaced over the last year or so, overdone or not it's still pretty cool.

    Also to the OP I'd recommend I Love Typography it does have some rather nice tips for type, font suggestions and for producing similar.

    For the OP, after showing it to a Typonazi friend the fonts are:
    Helvetica Condensed Bold
    Archer (edited)
    Topaz (edited)
    Buttermilk or Semilla
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    Nice concept. Poor execution, it's so busy that it looks both cluttered & conflicted. While I can understand it's appeal to those who are sentimental, the saying doesn't fit the man as he was over the last decade.

    For those living in the past, I would imagine they'd like it.
  7. Mac~Head, Dec 10, 2011
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    I was a little bored so I made up a quite similar Hi-Res copy of this poster,

    you can download it for free :D
    Have a good day!
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    I prefer this one:

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    Thank you so much

    Thank you SO much. I was attempting (poorly) to recreate for my husband's christmas present.

    You are the best. Now let's hope I can get this printed to the size i need :)

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    beauty! great job!
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    thanks, looks great!
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    Mac~Head can you send me the Photoshop File?

    Thank you!

    *I already asked for friendship
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    This is so awesome! thank u very much!

    Dont kno if this is to much to ask for but do u think u can make up a hi-res copy of the one Mrguidogenio posted as well...maybe if u get bored again!? :D
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    Awesome! I print it to hang on my office. Thank U.


    This one's also nice. Different style.
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    I know at least ONE font

    The words "Crazy Ones," "Status Quo" and "Who Do" are in Cyclone. Many thanks to those who correctly identified the font house H&FJ (Hoefler & Frere-Jones) as a likely source.

    The one font I CAN'T figure out is the word "Forward." I'm pretty sure it's an older font that I used once back in the 1980s, but I just can't remember the name!
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    Thank you. Might use works Xerox 6279 printer :D
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    Here's what I did:

    Attached Files:

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    Les Kern

    Hey, appreciate the effort and thanks for the DL.
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    "Forward" looks like it's set in Knockout No. 26 by H&F-J (of course) ;)
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    Isn't "The crazy ones" a quote by Jack Kerouac, rather than Steve Jobs?
  21. Mac~Head, Dec 8, 2012
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    you asked me for the .psd file ... there you go :)
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    Thank you for this, Mac~Head. Great contribution, and great share!
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    Does anyone still have a link to the High res copy of this?
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    Would anyone be kind to share the vector file?
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    I want it too!

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