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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by PhilipOrr, May 6, 2009.

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    Infurious, the guys that did the banned comic Murderdrome, have just finished version 1.0 of our Heroes Comic Reader in conjunction with NBC Universal. You can access it on iTunes from here, USA download only at the moment:


    Check it out, currently has 40 issues to download with others being added on a weekly basis.

    Any Heroes related stuff direct to NBC Universal.

    If your interested in using that style of reader for your own comic material get in comtact:

    email: philip [@] infurious.com

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    Now with 50 issues in all it beautiful graphic glory.
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    Looks pretty good. It would be great if you could access info about the TV show episodes. I know it is a comic reader but it would be a great extra.
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    US only :-(

    I understand international licencing, but the comics on the NBC website aren't geo-IPed....

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    Clicking the videos tab at the top of the navigation bar takes you to the Heroes web site to view video footage or any amount of other material.
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    Unfortunately the iPhone/iPod Touch is a different beast and needs a different set of licencing. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. I'll be posting again to let everyone know.
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    wish it had ALL of the graphic novels...
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    I would appreciate if you keep us updated - I live in Germany and I'm a great fan of Heroes too - so sorry it doesn't work :mad:
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    NBC Universal are adding new comics on a weekly basis and hopefully be uptodate with the current issues very soon.
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    We have now hit 70 issues of the Heroes comics for download.

    Currently the online web comic have 136 issues so we're little over halfway.
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    Just to keep everyone posted:

    There are now over 100 titles available, actually 110 to be exact. These all follow the online web comic version of Heroes at http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/novels/novels_library.shtml

    NBC are working hard to get caught up with the online version, currently on issue 137.
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    I might buy it when the show starts again. You can read all of these online, but it'd be cool to see it on my iPod.
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    We now have all the current issues of Heroes Online Comic available for the iPhone application.

    You can download and view each comic and save them directly onto the phone.
    Have fun.
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    A number of people have had some problems with the Heroes application and a new version is on its way, hopefully correcting a number of issues for people.
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    New version has been submitted to the store. This should sort out a number of issues with the scroll views people have been having. There are also a number of bug fixes etc...

    The downloading of multiple issues are currently being looked at, at the moment and we expect to have that resolved in a week or two.

    New features being added to the next major revision.
    Ability to download all comics to your iPhone/iPod Touch with just a single click.
    Show which issues still haven't been read yet.
    Able to sort in ascending/descending order.
    Faster screen updates.
    Making use of iPhone 3.0 updates.

    As I said above, looking to have this major update done within the next two weeks and a submission to Apple after that.


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