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hesitant to bring out the touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by dukebound85, Sep 20, 2007.

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    anybody else think that the touch is too cool to take out of their pocket for fear people will want to see it?

    i know i do lol. just wish i could change volume without having to pull it out
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    i know the feeling, i really do
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    Hell...you have taken it a step farther than me. I won't even put it in my pocket. I'm waiting for a case.
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    its human natural, I know I was afraid people touch my new stuff when I got them.... all the time, when i got my MB, when I got my mac mini, when I got my T|X, when I got my Touch (just returned to BB), when I got my HoMM V disks, etc, etc

    once you put a protector on,. and after a month, it will go away.

    my suggestion, leave the front sticker on, buy a cheap screen protector for the back, thats it.
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    I guess it would be safer to buy something like the iPod nano or classic since almost everyone and their mother has a regular iPod now - touch gives it added steal-ability.
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    apple has greater than 60% profit on nano, last time they had that big a margin on a new product, they dropped the price by 33% in 2 months....
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    You guys are jerks. I can't find one anywhere!
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    At least the one you'll end up with won't have a bad screen...
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    What does that have to do with theft?
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    aww, this discussion has something to do with theft?
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    i was going to do that but heck figured id just use it. i mean the glass is like scratch proof and the back well is just the back lol

    i do make sure it is the only thing in that pocket though

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