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Hex Mac pro CPU died now apple is replacing my computer

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by TheLOGICalone, Aug 8, 2011.

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    I came home one day to find my 6 core Mac pro turned off (I left it on) but there was a weird red light glaring thru the cheese grater coming from the logic board?, and the gpu fan and CPU fan were both on full blast. To make a long story short, tech support said take it to apple store, genius said my CPU died and it will be fixed in 7 days...7 days later I call and they say that they are just going to replace my entire computer... Is it me or is this strange?
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    sometimes that happens. this is why pulling ram if you had a lot of it is a good idea.
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    Could be a few reasons:
    - Found more things wrong with it, could be cheaper from their end to just give you a new unit (even at bulk, those Xeons aren't cheap).
    - Simple customer satisfaction, who hates getting a new computer?
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    Ok, I was just a little surprised, I hope I can find my original ram lol.

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