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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by blad3z, Oct 10, 2006.

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    hey guys, whats up?anyway, i know i've posted a few comments in like the past two weeks, and trust me none of your opinions etc. will go to waste here, im currently working on a 30min video project that im turning into a school series. and nothing like the regular news reporter sort of thing. More parodies etc. so without further or do

    1. anyone have any suggestions for what you'd like to see made into a parody etc. any comedy aspects or things with a moral at the end. ANYTHING.
    2. How do you do the 'force' like in stars wars on video, e.g pulling objects towards one self
    3. Anyone have any really cool tricks that they can do with FCE and/or video that they would like to post?
    4. Does anyone know how to do those 'Movie Parodies' like the one MTV does for the MTV Video Awards, you know like the Lord of the Rings ones etc. ?
    i'll be putting a trailer on Youtube before the end of November.and the final product by the end of the year. Just depends on the script making proccess.. :) Thanks guys!
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    was there really any questions in there?

    you are more like asking for a handout than advice.

    but nonetheless, a little googling for digital video effects would produce some sites for you to see how special FX can be accomplished with FCP.

    I only really wanted to comment about the Star Wars question.

    Seriously, you are asking how George Lucas made stuff happen in his movies, well plain and simply, using special FX....?

    You cant ask "what special FX" because each shot and each effect is different, so try to be original. If you want something to fly into someones hand like a light saber from the floor, I would think you would either use filament wire to pull it and a good editing job to make it appear like it really happened.
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    Slightly weird post :) but for the 'force' effect. Hold something in your hand then push it away from you letting go and then play the video backwards. It looks like the object is flying into your hand. ;)
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    somehow I doubt that would work for most situations.

    play a video of you throwing a ball backwards, it really wouldnt look like you are now catching the ball, or that it was willed towards you.

    I see what you mean though, and it could work in some situations, but would require alot of angle shots and good editing to pull it off convincingly.
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    Reversing footage does work well for the Star Wars "force" effect. I did this with my son and a bottle of water at the kitchen table. Worked very well.

    As for other ideas:

    Find a TV show or commerical that everyone knows and parody that. Are you in high school? Here are some ideas:

    Lost: Make your teachers and administration are "The Others". Get their permission of course...

    "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" parody and use "I'm a jock, I'm a nerd" or "I'm a student, I'm a teacher", something like that.

    Parody one of the cell phone company commericals.

    Good luck.
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    Well in that case you might want to look at hiring ILM :rolleyes:
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    awesome stuff guys, keep em coming :D btw whats an ILM? and how do you reverse the video on FCEXpress?
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    How about like this: Balancing Point
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    Industrial Light and Magic

    George Lucas' special FX company
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    that was not a very good example of "force" powers.

    but of reversing video. and extremely cheesy at that.
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    welll reversing all ive got,and i cant find anything on google,so any1 know how its done?and any1 else got anymore ideas?lol...we are exhausting all our schools ideas and the outside world :p plus i think im going to have to shift to final cut pro because it makes my editing for multi cams faster then just going on camara at a time on Final Cut Express!Def gonna do the 'Im a mac, and im a pc' parody and make it good if we can, maybe throw in world leaders etc. and we are doing a rip of the god father... expect sort of dissing our schools way of doing things, ways we can improve it but also keeping very much to the start of the movie :) so everything is tight and going as planned, so anymore ideas?suggestions?cool effects?so forth...and is there any use in a HDV camara?cause i was planning on buying the big sony one...cant remember the model number but its around S$6K. Was told by my vice principal that its useless to go HDV at all because nothing supports it currently in our school. I was under the impression that the clear image etc. will work on any projector so forth...so im pretty lost with that..any help with the camara bit? :)

    Btw, i think hiring ILM is a lil outa the question then :p lol, costly and number 2. to fly them here would be even more costly. anyway... Thanks for the help so far, anymore etc. would be awesome, im continously giving the opinions and ideas to my script writing team so none of the ideas given here are going to waste!we are using all possible ones!Parodies of movies etc. so forth...

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