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Hey I got an Internship!! YAY!!

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by sowillo14, Feb 7, 2008.

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    I got offered an internship with a web design firm. They were looking for someone artistic, yet savvy with CS3. Went for my interview today, and got hired!! Woohoo!!
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    Congrats... welcome to the world of working like a dog for almost no pay!! At least.. that's me.
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    that's really great-- congrats...when do you start?
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    Wednesday!!! 9:00!! It's a really small firm, and I am the only intern, so this should be a great opportunity to learn. I'm looking forward to it. They do high dollar web sites for real-estate firms. They said I had a great presentation, and my portfolio showed a strong core talent that they would like to work with!
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    Hell, I'm just happy to get my foot in the door after all the hard work I've been paying to do!!:D
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    Can you post up your portfolio?

    Congrats on the internship. Don't *** it up! :D
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    haha this pretty much describes me too. OP don't be discouraged though...an internship is a good way to tell if you want to work in this field. And it should really help when you get out of school (assuming you are still in school...:)) If you're not...it's still a good thing.

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    This is it, clean and simple.
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    Believe me man, I've been an artist since I could spell my name. I F'd off in high school, and dug ditches for the last eight years to save money to put myself through school. To have an opportunity to make money doing something that doesn't involve a shovel is great to me.
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