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Hey look at me! I bought a MacBook!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by slybeans, Feb 24, 2008.

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    I needed a backup laptop to take to uni and things like that and I was scouring eBay and bought a 2.16 ghz one for about £500 which was a bargain! Works great.

    Been using a Mac Pro in college and I found Macs simple to use, although obviously different to Windows, and I wanted a change of pace from Vista.

    Am I right in that the macbook will only use 3.3gb of RAM if I install 4 gigs?
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    Where do you college kids get the money to own both a Mac Pro and a MacBook? :confused:
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    student loans
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    Congrats, hope you enjoy it.
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    I work part time as well.

    OMG I watch youtube for guides, and how come like 15 year old kids are using them?

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    yeah some kid in my college got a loan out for his car =/ he only 17
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    Wait, he's 17 and in college? Is it running start or something?
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    He said he's been using a Mac Pro in college - as in their Mac Pro.
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    yes, you're right. your 2.16 ghz macbook will only address 3.3 gb if you have 4 gb installed. check out this macrumors guide on intel mac ram.
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    I'm assuming it's in England where College and University are separate educational institutions.
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    Drugs! (lol):)

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