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Hi, I'm a "new" guy.

Discussion in 'Community' started by IEatApples, Jan 27, 2004.

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    I'm new to MacRumors > Discussion, but have been watching this site like crasy for some time now (waiting to hear about updates).
    By the way, some birthday-party at apple hu?:rolleyes:
    Anyway I'm just trying this forum for the first time.

    Good-bye for now! (You may call me Mitra).:)
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    Re: Hi, I'm a "new" guy.

    I'd rather call you newbie :p ;)

    Welcome :)
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    Newbie it is!
    Loved your picture/design.
    I'm into design myself (nothing pro).


    :) and keep :) -ing.
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    Welcome to MacRumors Mitra, it is great to have you as a member. I hope that the apples you eat are the fruit kind. :p

    What kind of design are you into?
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    Hi Newbie. I'm a new guy as well. Like u, I've been reading the threads here for some time, although I've used macs for a while! I live in the yUK, where Tony roolz, but Queen Liz thinks she does. c u around
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    You newbies :p have seen this thread right?
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    Thanks, and I've had a quick look. But it all seems so conventional - newbies go to the 'newbie' thread. Well, us 2 newbies have just broken the mould. We are daring to think different, to be unconventional, to reject the 'newbie' forum and to break out on our own. Yes, our post may be deleted, but we will take that risk ! The revolution starts here, and we will overcome ! Newbies of the world unite !
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    People seem to keep ignoring the newbie thread, oh well, hello and welcome!
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    Welcome to MacRumors Mitra. Glad to have you.

    Mitra, hmmm, are you Indian? And is that male or female? I mean, I know a Mitra who's a girl, but then again, it could also be short for, oh, I don't know, Vishwamitra.

    Or I could be totally off base. :p
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    Heh I was going to recommend that they make that thread sticky. Show how much I read the sticky threads. ;)
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    Yes it is an Indian name, well Sanskrit actually. I got it from my Guru: Swami Paramananda. If you wonder what he's about you can just visit this site: http://www.tronuni.org/
    On this site you will find information about a project that I'm involved in in Norway - where I live.

    Oh, and by the way I'm a 21/(22) year old MAN!:D

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