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Hi Power Wireless G hub?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by maclamb, Jan 3, 2005.

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    My two story house has some pretty bad dead zones.
    I am using an SMC wireless router - the one with two antenna.
    I am looking for a significantly more powerful gateway router.
    Any suggestions?
    (actually the point is to eliminate the dead spots, so suggestions for this are welcome too).

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    where are your dead zones in the house?
    like what is around the area where the signal that is dead?
  3. emw
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    You could get a linksys WRT54G and then install 3rd party firmware to increase the power output. I'll try and track down the link for the firmware. I've installed it, and it definitely helps. I can get a signal pretty much anywhere in my 2-story abode, and the router is in the basement (so I guess it's 3 stories, really).

    You could also buy a repeater or two to expand the range throughout the house.
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    Capt Underpants

    Instead of buying a different hub, why not just buy a higher grade antennae for the hub you already have?
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    My house is a two story house - wireless hub is downstairs.
    I receive very good reception directly above.
    But - above and 20 - 40 feet across are the dead spots.
    I have heard that repeaters cut the performance in half, so that didn't seem like a great option.

    I'm interested in the linksys option and the better antenna - suggestions?
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    took a look at the linksys - seems to be about the same as my SMC 2804WBR
    b/g, DHCP, gateway, 4 ports, etc...
    the firmware upgrade sounds interesting...
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    I'm using a netgear 802.11g router... I have no signal problems. The router is on the main floor. The PB works great in the basement, main floor, and second floor.
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    Capt Underpants

    You'll get more range out of something like this than you ever will out of a stock linksys router antenna. It's 9 dBi, which should be plenty. Look up your current router and see how many dBi your current antenna is.

    edit: I looked up your hub, and it's 2 dBi :eek:
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    I just bought the Belkin Pre N router and it is giving me better range than I was getting with my D-Link DI-624. Buy.com had the best price.
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    I'll look into a booster. Thanks Capt!.

    oddly enough, it's only the PB 12 1.33 that has problems - my IBM thinkpad t40 w/ Intel wireless mini-pci card works fine!

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