Hi-Tech Study Fails to Find Nessie

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by eyelikeart, Jul 30, 2003.

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    So who's ever read up on the stories surrounding Nessie? Who believes there's a "monster?"

    It's always fascinated me, ever since I was a kid.

    article here

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    Very untrue... but very interesting.

    I would love to do more reasearch on it, it seems like a very interesting myth.

    And movies like 'loch' were entertaining. :)

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    Mr. Anderson

    More research? So much has been done to find Nessie its scary. The amount of money and time on this shows it to be more of a national and international obsession.

    I loved the part about the piece of wood in the water ;)

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    I watched the BBC program on sunday. It was very interesting, and well done. From the tests they did, it seems pretty conclusive that there isn't likely to be a Loch Ness monster hiding under the water there. The sonars they were using were so advanced that they even found a buoy (about the size of a football/soccer ball), tied down under the water as a test. Despite that, there was no sign of the monster.

    It doesn't rule out there being something though. What if the 'monster' was simply in one of the many caves reputed to be around the loch? There are many possible reasons as to why it might not show up. Seems to me that something like this is highly unlikely to stop people believing in nessie, and going there to see it for themselves.
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    yeah...the fence board sketches are much like that game we used to play in summer camp...

    one person tells a secret...it gets passed onto 10 other people in a circle...

    by the time it gets back around to the orginal...it's totally different... :D
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    Well that's the local economy destroyed then... :eek: :p :p
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    Heh, I doubt that's about to happen. Mind you, what other reason is there for people to go to Loch Ness? It might have nice scenery, but you can get that at any number of lochs around scotland, or the lake district, or..... :rolleyes: ;)
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    Exactly... it's not even the finest loch in Scotland, and businesss around that area do ALOT of trade because of the nessie myth...

    no monster = mucho reduced local income!!

    Expect the locals to start up 'new nessie' sighting reports by 6pm tonight!! heh-heh!!
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    I also have found this story to be fascinating. There was a PBS story on the Lock Ness not too long ago. David Ballard used his personal funds and equipment trying to find the elusive monster without success. It's the lure of the unknown that has kept this story going.
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    I saw a special on tv a couple of years ago that interviewed a couple of old guys who claimed that they faked that picture when they were young. Although I would love for the myth to be correct, I don't think it's very feasible.

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