Hidden Tetris Game In Terminal!

Discussion in 'Games' started by ArtMan617, May 29, 2002.

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    I forget where I came across this (actually, it might have been here), but here is what to do to play an interesting version of Tetris in the terminal in OS X.

    In a terminal, type "emacs" (without the quotes), then press Esc, then x, then type "tetris" and you're in...spacebar and arrows are the keys.

    I just played it and while it's all text-based, it's relatively fun for those in need of a quick tetris fix. Enjoy!

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    How do you acess OS X terminal?? This may sound dumb but I am fixing for some Tetris, gotta love mac programers for hiding little treasures.
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    Where the Terminal is located...

    To get to the terminal, go into Applications then to Utilities and it should be loose in there (note: this is in OS X). Once you open the program, there should be a terminal window that pops up where you begin the procedure that I listed before. Enjoy!

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    you guys chure this isnt a emacs e-egg?
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    works for me, although I can't seem to turn the blocks:(. Make sure not to hit enter after you press esc or x.
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    To rotate, use the up arrow key (and possibly the down, I didn't check that).

    Apple hardware still too expensive for you? How about a raffle ticket?
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    I can't seem to get it to work. I type emacs, press Esc, then when I press x, I get a beep. Whether or not I type in another x, I type in tetris and get "unknown command". What's the beep for?:confused:
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    Works for me perfectly, thanks for the tip ArtMan617 :D, I don't suppose you have anymore? ;)
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    Re: Where the Terminal is located...

    Thanks for the help, now to start playing Tetris..
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    Sadly, I don't know of any more OS X easter eggs...also, for those of you that were having problems with it, the insructions I gave were correct and it should work...

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    This is really cool! Unix Tetris! :D

    Here are some other eggs, I guess...
    •Hold down shift and click the minimize button on a window for slow motion mode
    •Hold down shift+ctrl and click the minimize button on a window for a VERY slow motion mode
    •Type Bill Gates in the terminal (OK, this really isn't an egg but its kinda cute):)
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    Er... this is not technically an "easter egg," and nobody at Apple had any hand in creating it. It's not really even an emacs easter egg. More like a little application written for emacs (emacs is a ridiculously powerful UNIX text editor with its own scripted LISP-based programming language).

    More stuff comes with emacs than any one person will ever use, and tetris just happens to be one bit of that stuff. You can get an idea what's there game-wise by looking in /usr/share/emacs/20.7/lisp/play.
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    Re: Hidden Tetris Game In Terminal!

    Artman forgot to mention--hit the return key after typing emacs. That should get it to work for y'all.

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    Sorry about that...I must have hit enter involuntarily when I tried it....

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    Sweet. Thanks for the tip Artman. I know that I probably shouldn't complain, but it should display the level that you are currently on, or maybe something about the difficulty you are currently at. Other then that, it's the same as the original.

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    As far as tertis games go, this one is pretty lame IMO. Controls suck and implementaion is rough…
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    this is not a os x thing, nor a terminal thing, nor a unix thing. it's just something available in emacs. try this... Esc-x doctor.
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    I think there's a text based RPG called dunnet, or something like that that came with OS X.
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    Royal Pineapple

    any idea how to do this? i love the tetris.
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    do the same thing for tetris, but instead of typing "tetris", type "dunnet" and it should work. I had found another way to do it without having all of the clutter of the emac program, but I forgot how to do it.
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    That was fun. Yeah, it is not the greatest version, but it is just cool to play it in the terminal
  22. Wes
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    How do i get to /usr/share/emacs/20.7/lisp/play? where do I enter that?

    Thanks for the help
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    I've been playing "dunnet" a bit and I'm currently at the "ferocious bear". Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do? I have a CPU card also. I realize that asking for help for a text-based RPG is pretty pathetic but I've found the game to be pretty interesting.

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    In the finder, press Apple + "~" (the key to the left of the #1 key.) Then type the directory, which in this case, would be "/usr/share/emacs/20.7/lisp/play".

    Woah... there's solitaire too!
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    Here's how you're supposed to run dunnet. Type this in at the terminal prompt:

    emacs -batch -l dunnet

    This opens it without the 'UI' of emacs. Enjoy.

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