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Highcross Leicester

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by frenchie0101, Jun 15, 2010.

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    I have reserved for pick up, who's queuing also ?
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    sorry i have double posted, mod to delete if that exists on here :D
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    I’ve reserved one as has my friend so we’ll be there when highcross opens on the 24th :)
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    I have reserved one and would like to be there at opening but can't do it so will have to wait until after work. I've been assured that a reservation means that you will definitely be able to pick one up on release day. Here's hoping.
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    I think you should be ok as long as you show up sometime in the day. I don’t really know how busy its going to be here, do many people usually show up for days like this (like the launch of the 3G) in Leicester?

    [EDIT]: Judging by the INSANE amount of replies this topic has had, there isn’t going to be a massive rush between all the stores in Leicester :p
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    Never managed to get an Apple product on release day (except for Snow Leopard!). Would like to be there at opening time to take in the atmosphere but duty (or rather work) calls.

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